What Does Your Baby’s Mattress Need To Have

In order for your baby to grow and stay safe, a good mattress is a very important part of growing up. It’ll not only make your baby sleep well and cozy, but it will also make sure that your child can grow in a normal way. Since a baby will spend the next three years in a crib, it can influence the way of development of your child. Durability, comfort, and cost are the three most important things that you need to take into your consideration before you make a decision.

It is always useful to educate yourself about the types of mattresses. They all have different features and depending on your particular needs, they can fit for different purposes. Foam mattresses are the lightest and the most recommended ones. They vary in thickness and firmness. A mattress that is too soft could be very harmful to your baby in many different ways.

Innerspring mattresses tend to last longer because their construction makes them more durable. They are firm quite enough. Organic mattresses are the thing nowadays. All natural organic materials like natural latex, plant based foam or cotton will make them comfortable but firm and suitable to your baby’s needs.

The important details

The mattress needs to be the right size. Not too big, not too small. It has to fit in the crib, leaving very little to no space between the crib frame and the side of the mattress. The right size will prevent any unfortunate situations from happening. Always look for the mattress to entirely fill the crib if possible.

The next important detail would be the firmness of the mattress. The firmer it is, the better it is for your baby. You might think that a mattress could be too firm for your baby but, put some trust in it because your baby will easily adjust to it. The mattress is firm enough if it does not conform to the shape of your hand when you press on it. The firmness of the mattress is determined by density.