When Do Your Baby’s Eyebrows Grow? What Can You Do About It?

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Every mom-to-be loves checking the progress of her growing baby. Every week there is a new developmental milestone and every week you will be amazed by how quickly the little bub in your stomach is growing. One such amazing milestone is the growth of eyebrow hair. Most moms are curious to find out when their baby will develop those beautiful dark eyebrows and if you are one of them, then you are in the right place!

All babies are born with eyebrows, which develop in the 22nd week of gestation. But the appearance of these eyebrows like everything else about babies varies. While some babies might have dark eyebrows from day one, others have a thin line of hair, and some are born with just a cute peach fuzz! There is no way to find out what kind of eyebrows your baby will have at birth, it simply depends on their hair color and other genetic factors. But yes, sometimes skin infections like the cradle cap on eyebrows and forehead can cause your baby to lose some hair. This is a non-infectious and fairly common condition.

If you are a mom-to-be who wants to know everything about every feature of your baby, then read on to learn about baby eyebrows and their growth!

When Do Eyebrows Appear on Babies?

The 22nd week of gestation is when the hair follicles for your baby’s eyebrows start to develop. You would be surprised to know that all your baby’s hair follicles actually form in the womb itself and none after birth. But the interesting bit is that all your baby’s hair grows in the womb pigment-free, regardless of your or your bub’s ethnicity. As your pregnancy progresses, pigment starts to develop in the hair of some full-term babies, particularly if the child has dark hair.

Some babies are born with a voluminous lock of hair, but even this hair is likely to be very silky and thin. This hair is called “starter hair,” and its soft, silky texture is what makes it difficult to see if your bub is born with scanty hair. This is exactly why your little one’s eyebrows might not be visible to us even though they are technically there.

So basically, babies have eyebrows when they are born but they might not be visible to you.

Are Babies Born With Eyebrows or Do They Develop Later?

As we mentioned above, babies develop eyebrows at 22 weeks of gestation and any baby born after this week, even if they are a preemie, will technically have eyebrow hair. Whether this hair is visible or not depends a lot on the color of the hair, growth, and genetics.

Because newborn baby hair is thin and light, it might look like your baby does not have eyebrows, but they do. However, this thin, next-to-invisible hair is nothing to worry about. Their eyebrow hair will grow gradually and then start to thicken and darken. So, mammas, you can rest assured that your bub will be born with eyebrows that will get more pronounced and thicker as they grow.

Usually, the ‘starter hair’ lasts until they are around 8 to 12 weeks old. The light and silky newborn hair begins to shed, and a layer of new intermediate hair growth phase begins. This same thing happens with eyebrow hair. This is when a thicker and more visible layer of eyebrow hair begins to grow. This change in hair texture and color ensures babies have thicker and more visible eyebrows and eyelashes once they cross the 2-3-month-old mark.

But remember that every baby has different growth stages; the same goes for hair and eyebrow hair. So, don’t worry if your baby is born with sparse eyebrows, babies grow eyebrows over a period of time. Eyebrows like most features of your baby depend on genetics but all babies born after 22 weeks have eyebrow hair.

Is it Normal for Babies to Not Have Eyebrows?

All babies are born with eyebrows (except if the baby is a preemie and was born too early), but sometimes it might be difficult to spot and that might make you think that your baby doesn’t have eyebrows. Not being able to see any eyebrows can be concerning for first-time parents. But remember that every baby is different. Whether your baby has a thick line of eyebrows or eyebrows that are barely there, it doesn’t matter. Either way, both are normal.

It’s important to remember that your baby is healthy and fine and will develop eyebrows in the next few months. As their hair begins to grow, you will gradually see their eyebrows beginning to take shape. It might take longer for some babies, but it will happen eventually.

Do Premature Babies Take Longer To Grow Eyebrows?

When it comes to preemies, every developmental milestone takes slightly longer compared to full-term babies. The same applies to hair growth. If your baby is a preemie, then you can expect them to show that beautiful line of eyebrows a little late.

Some premature babies born very early, before the 30-week mark, can sometimes have no eyebrows or even eyelashes. They will grow eyebrows as they cross each of their developmental milestones, but you will just have to be a little more patient.

How Can I Spot Eyebrows on Babies?

Spotting sparsely grown eyebrows in newborns can be difficult. It might make you feel that your bub doesn’t have eyebrows. But sometimes it’s possible that you’re just missing them.

If your baby has blonde eyebrows, it can be difficult to spot them during those initial days. They don’t even show up in pictures. You will have to hold your bub up to the light to spot his or her eyebrows if they have sparse and pale blonde hair. This is very common in babies and that makes spotting those peach fuzz eyebrows difficult.

Apart from blonde hair, sparse eyebrow growth can also make eyebrows difficult to spot. If you and your partner have thin eyebrows and you’re usually filling in your eyebrows, then chances are your bub might also have thin eyebrows.

Should I Use Commercial Products To Stimulate Growth of Eyebrows?

Should I Use Commercial Products To Stimulate Growth of Eyebrows?

If your baby has thin or sparse eyebrows, you might be tempted to try and use products to stimulate their growth. There are a lot of products in the market that promise instant hair growth. It might sound like the perfect solution, and you might think that spreading a little cream on your baby’s eyebrows can be a great idea to get that thick line of eyebrows.

But the reality is these commercial products can be quite harmful to your baby’s sensitive skin. Some of these products contain chemicals and can harm babies even if they’re meant for topical application, as their skin can absorb these chemicals. Also, while applying the product to your baby’s eyebrows it can accidentally get in their eyes. It’s possible for your baby to get the product in their eyes or even in their mouth because of their constant hand movements. They can come in direct contact with the product. This can be harmful to your little one.

Newborn baby eyebrows are usually very thin and sparse, and there is nothing wrong with it. Their eyebrow growth will happen gradually, and you don’t need any additional products to stimulate it.

Can The Color of Baby Eyebrows Change Over Time?

As your baby grows, their eyebrows will also develop, and over time they will become thicker and darker. Sometimes your baby’s eyebrow color will also change, and that is completely normal. In fact, your baby’s eyebrows might change color multiple times as they grow.

Some babies have pale blonde eyebrows or just peach fuzz hair that might become darker as they develop eyebrows and change to brown or black over time.

There are also instances where the baby’s eyebrow hair has changed from brown to red during the initial 6 months. Hair and eyebrows are susceptible to color changes as your baby grows. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice that your little one’s eyebrows are changing colors during the first few months.

Your baby’s eyebrows will take some time to completely develop and reach their final color.

How Can I Stimulate The Growth of Baby Eyebrows?

If you are keen on helping your bub grow their eyebrows faster, you can try some home remedies. These are less harsh on a baby’s skin as compared to commercial products, but it’d still be best to consult with your pediatrician and get their approval before you start using any of these products.

Some of the most used products for stimulating eyebrow hair growth for babies are mentioned below:

  1. Aloe Vera
    Aloe vera is considered the hero ingredient when it comes to skin and haircare. Its pulp is beneficial for many conditions and great for promoting hair growth. It’s also safe to be used on a baby’s skin.
    All you need to do is apply a thin layer of aloe vera pulp to your baby’s eyebrows and then leave it for around 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly or simply wipe it using a wet wipe. Make sure that you use pure aloe vera pulp and not commercial products that contain aloe vera because they might contain ingredients that cause skin irritation to your baby.
  1. Coconut Oil
    There is nothing more moisturizing for your skin than pure coconut oil. It’s also known to do wonders for your hair. This is what makes coconut oil a great home remedy for stimulating eyebrow growth for your baby. Also, coconut oil is safe for babies and all types of skin. You can simply massage some coconut oil on your baby’s eyebrows and leave it on. Make sure you use pure, food-grade coconut oil.

With home remedies, you will have to be patient and will gradually notice that your baby’s hair is growing and getting thicker. But as we mentioned, check with your pediatrician before you try either of them.

Be Patient When It Comes To Your Baby’s Eyebrows

Babies are like a ball of cuteness! As parents during those initial months, we spend more time worrying about our baby than actually soaking in all the beautiful moments and just spending time with them. It happens naturally to all parents and especially first-time parents.

The same thing goes for eyebrow hair. New parents tend to worry about their baby’s thin eyebrows but what you need to understand is that babies have eyebrows when they’re born even if they’re thin, scanty, and barely there. Babies’ eyebrows grow gradually as they develop, and you will notice that they slowly get thicker. While for some babies this might happen when they are 2-3 months old, it might take longer for others, around 6 to 8 months and sometimes even a year. But that is completely normal and nothing for you to worry about. Just focus on your baby’s health and development and those thick and full eyebrows will grow eventually!

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