Diapers for 14-Year-Olds, Why Do Teens Need Them?

diapers for 14 year olds

Diapers are usually associated with babies and once they complete toilet training or stop bedwetting, parents stop making them wear diapers. However, there are cases wherein 14-year-olds wear diapers, and this is more common than you think. If you are a teenager who is facing this problem or a parent who is confused and worried about your teenager’s bedwetting, we have some answers for you.

There are many cases of teenagers wearing diapers due to bladder control problems, but it is not uncommon or unheard of. Convincing your teenager to wear diapers can be difficult but try to listen to their concerns and then explain to them that it’s completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, there are many brands that sell diapers for teens that are called adult nappies or youth diapers. Let’s discuss teenagers and their need to wear diapers in a little more in detail.

How To Change A Diaper of a 14-Year-Old?

Changing the diaper of a 14-year-old can be stressful and difficult as the situation can make the teenager feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. That’s why once you identify the problem, sit down with your child and discuss the issue and explain to them that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Once they’re comfortable with the idea, the standing position is the best option for teens to change or wear diapers. It’s the quickest position and requires less space as well, so in case you’re changing diapers in smaller restrooms, it makes things easy.

Start by placing an underpaid on the ground and ask your child to stand on it. Then pull down their pants to their ankles and make sure they are able to stand comfortably.

Now release the diaper side tabs while holding it in one hand and use your other hand to wipe the area clean with fresh wipes. Once it is clean, you can pull the diaper down and then dispose of both the wipes and the diaper. Always check with your teen if they need support while standing and in case they do, a walker or holding a handrail or wall is helpful.

Diaper changing can be difficult in the beginning but as a parent, you need to make the whole situation as comfortable as possible for your teen.

What Are The Best Diapers For Teens?

There are many diaper brands specifically meant for teenagers in the market. Just like baby diapers, these youth disposable diapers are also available in waist sizes ranging from small and extra diapers. Some of the best brands out there are:

  • Tranquility SlimLine Youth Disposable Brief
  • Tranquility SlimLine Junior Disposable Brief
  • Prevail PM Youth Brief Medium
  • Abri-Form Premium Junior Brief
  • Attends Advanced Protective Absorbent Underwear

What Are Some Causes For Bladder Control Issues?

Children or teenagers start bedwetting when they face bladder control issues; this is the most common reason for 14-year-olds to wear diapers. Bedwetting happens when a child’s bladder loses control and involuntarily urinates while sleeping.

Adolescence or teenage is a difficult phase for most children, as they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. During this transition, their body goes through many physical and hormonal changes, which can be difficult and confusing. This is where parents need to do their best to speak to their children and make them comfortable with what’s happening with their bodies.

Being conscious of their body is very common among teenagers and that’s why when they wet their beds, they will be embarrassed about it. So, it’s possible and quite understandable if your teenager refuses to accept that they wet their bed or are having a hard time. Some teenagers even start wearing diapers and hide this fact from their parents and others to prevent embarrassment. Talking to them and making them understand that this is a common problem is the key.

Bedwetting can be caused by different reasons. Delayed physical growth or hormonal changes during puberty can trigger bedwetting. It could also happen because of psychological issues like stress or anxiety due to studies or depression, as these things are very common in teenagers. The social pressure from school, family, and friends can be a lot to take in sometimes and this can lead to other problems like bedwetting.

Another reason for teenagers to wear diapers is a diaper fetish, known as diapersim. This condition occurs when they develop sexual preferences for diapers. They basically are aroused by wearing diapers. It’s best to consult a therapist who would be able to guide the teenager to overcome this fetish.

How Common Is It?

While there is no study or research that gives us an exact number or statistic about how common it is for young adults to wear diapers, we just know that it happens. There are many such cases, and it is usually because of bedwetting or sexual arousal. Because it is somewhat common there is a whole range of youth diapers available in the market in a range of sizes as well.

What’s important is addressing the issue and coming up with solutions to deal with this problem whether it is medically, through simple lifestyle changes, or through therapy.

Some Solutions

First, it’s important to find the cause for wearing diapers and then depending on the problem, there are a few things you can try to help solve the problem.

  1. Fewer Fluids Before Bed
    If your teenager is bedwetting, a simple solution could be to make sure he or she takes fewer fluids before bedtime. Drinking too much water just before heading to bed makes the bladder full and increases the chances of bedwetting. Limit the fluid intake at least two hours before bedtime to reduce their bedwetting episodes.
  2. Set An Alarm
    This one needs a little effort, but you can set an alarm and wake your teenager up to pee during the night. A great way to reduce their chances of bedwetting. There are even alarms with a moisture sensor that can be placed in the child’s pajamas, and it will ring every time your teenager is about wet their bed.
  3. Visiting A Doctor
    Bedwetting can sometimes be caused due to underlying medical conditions, and this might need a visit to a doctor. Hormonal imbalance or delayed developmental growth can cause your teenager to wet their beds and if that’s the case, your doctor would be able to guide you with the next steps. Usually, doctors recommended mineral and vitamin supplements that help with growth and hormonal issues.
    Sometimes bedwetting can also be because of psychological issues like stress and depression and in such cases, the doctor might recommend seeing a therapist who might be able to find out the reason for their stress and help them to cope with it.

What Is Paraphilic Infantilism?

What Is Paraphilic Infantilism?

Paraphilic infantilism, also commonly known as adult baby syndrome, is a paraphilic desire for people to be treated like babies. There are cases where 14-year-olds exhibit this psychosexual disorder and want to be like babies and treated like one.

Typically, they will pretend to be a different age than they are and end up behaving like a baby, like drinking from a bottle, playing with baby toys, or even babbling like a baby. Paraphilic infantilism also makes them feel like wearing a diaper.

However, there is not much study or research done on this condition and most of them go unreported because either parent is ashamed or unaware of what is happening to their child.

Teenagers Wearing Diapers Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Whether your teen is having problems like bed wetting, paraphilic infantilism, or even adult baby syndrome, there are solutions for them. What is important is understanding the problem. As a parent being supportive and patient through the whole journey is key as it will help your child overcome the problem faster and better when they feel loved.

Wearing diapers is more common than we think among teenagers, and it could happen because of multiple reasons. As parents, we might feel that we went through the whole journey of potty training our child already and why now again? It’s normal to feel frustrated and lost but try to find the cause and then accordingly the solution to help your child. Make them feel comfortable with the idea of wearing diapers for a while and be supportive.

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