Dock a Tot Dupe – It’s an Off Brand Dock a Tot!

dock a tot dupe

Is Dockatot overrated? A Dockatot is more pricey than other similar baby loungers. Buying it becomes a hassle for new parents due to an added cost to their budget.

However, if you are struggling with this situation right now, you no longer need to worry because we have got you covered.

With time, the baby market has improved, producing newer and better products. More than a dozen Dockatot dupe products exist today to assist new parents in keeping their babies comfortable. These products are a lot like Dockatot but with better price points.

So why purchase a Dockatot when cheaper imitations are available?

The experience of raising your firstborn is extremely overwhelming. Fear of doing things wrong, coupled with buying expensive products, is always upon you. But you don’t have to stick with the traditional list of modern baby essentials at hefty prices. 

The same goes for Dockatot alternatives. There are numerous Dockatot copycats available for your newborn that are made of high-quality materials.

Dockatot alternatives are available in multiple shapes and sizes and suit the purpose of keeping your infant comfy, even if he is not in your arms. They not only act as a mother’s womb for your baby’s body but can also help you get a goodnight’s sleep. Moreover, they are easier on the wallet, too.

Let’s dive into the baby market and find out what other Dockatot options are out there!

Is DockATot Worth It?

Before diving into the details of whether an official Dockatot is worth it or not, let’s first understand what we are up against.

A Dockatot is basically a baby product that holds a baby as if it’s in its mother’s arms. It gets its name from the term “docking,” meaning that a child can be “docked” into it to sleep or rest—a perfect mother’s-womb-situation with co-sleeping.

But is it worth it?

When it comes to easy-to-wash, breathable fabric composition, and comfy, safe space, a Dockatot is totally worth it. It offers three convenient features: a washable cover, breathable fabric, and a safe space for the baby. These are combined with multiple other user-friendly features.

Aside from these features, Dockatot is a multipurpose baby lounger, meaning that it can be used for baby’s tummy time, chilling, and even for diaper changes. This means convenience for the parents, especially with cleaning, as the cover is removable and machine washable. You can also convert it into a toddler bed when your baby grows up.

For traveling and other outdoor activities, it helps newborn babies feel safe and secure, allowing them to remain unbothered by changing scenarios.

A newborn must sleep between 14 and 17 hours each day. You can’t possibly hold him or her at all times! Dockatot offers you a little help in this matter. New moms swear that Dockatot helps their babies have a sound sleep, but they also confess that it isn’t quite as magical as advertised.

Another concern is that of doctors who have criticized Dockatot for safety concerns. More of that is in the next section.

So is it worth it? Benefits and drawbacks both exist. It is up to the parents if they want a cheaper or safer version of a Dockatot for their baby. You can also take advice from customers who have used this product.

Moms Adore It!

One customer said that after she stopped swaddling her baby, she and her husband weren’t comfortable having the baby in the bed, as their elbows could hit him. Even if they didn’t hurt him, they were afraid that they would disturb his sleep. This led them to do some research, and they found Dockatot. They found it to comfort their baby just like a mom’s womb. After using it, they found that their baby loves it and doesn’t require any more swaddling.

Moms also confessed that Dockatot helps in reducing flat head syndrome, which can be a traumatizing experience for new parents. They can feel like they failed their child. However, due to Dockatot, this problem can easily be negated.

It was noted that the mattress material is extremely comfy and can lead to longer hours of sleep for the baby. The baby can also rest on the sides without any trouble. One couple found it exceptionally well-made; such baby gear items are usually hard to find.

New parents also pointed out that, when using a Dockatot, their baby slept up to ten hours at a stretch. However, some couples found that Dockatot did not help their child with sleeping, resulting in stretches of only five to six hours.

The main point of contention here is the price. Dockatots are pricey, which makes them inaccessible to some parents. But lucky for them, they can always go for alternative products.

Do Pediatricians Recommend DockATot?

The American Association of Pediatrics does not support the use of Dockatots. Another pediatric association clearly says that safety must trump sleep. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can occur, even if the material of the baby lounger is breathable.

A study conducted in 2019 revealed that 250 babies lost their lives due to unsafe sleep practices. None of the deaths are directly connected to a baby lounger; however, it is seen as a contributing factor.

Recently, Health Canada stated that letting your babies sleep in any kind of infant lounger may pose a threat to their lives. How? Children may get suffocated in the extra foamy material of the baby lounger.

Flat head syndrome is also common among babies. With this condition, one side or the back of a baby’s head becomes flat. Though it usually happens due to certain sleeping positions, some baby loungers cause a baby to remain in the same position for an extended period of time. This can lead to flat head syndrome.

Indirectly, a baby lounger (such as a Dockatot) can be responsible for this. Therefore, doctors do not encourage co-sleeping or Dockatot, for that matter. Rather, they emphasize supervised lounging.

Guidelines for New Parents

While it is confirmed by pediatricians that a separate sleeping space in the same room is important for a baby’s growth and safety, they appreciate the use of baby loungers with extreme caution. The following practices are encouraged for a baby’s sleep safety. If your child is below the age of 1:

  • use dock a tot when he is awake. It can be used for playtime or simply for sitting.
  • never leave your baby asleep and unsupervised on a Dockatot. 
  • never place the Dockatot on a foamy surface when the baby is asleep; this can increase the chances of suffocation.
  • do not place a Dockatot in a bassinet or a cot.
  • never leave your child alone in a baby lounger; remember, breathable material does not mean it will stop airway obstruction.

What Can I Buy Instead of DockATot?

What Can I Buy Instead of DockATot?

Raising a baby is very expensive. From the time of delivery until he is in preschool, your bills are going to skyrocket. It is best to save wherever you can. If you can buy a Dockatot dupe and save a few dollars, that is the smartest thing to do.

Numerous alternatives to the Dockatot exist, and they are often cheaper and just as good. Other baby loungers include:

  1. Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

One of the most popular Dockatot alternatives is the Snuggle Me Organic Lounger. Snuggle Me offers many of the same features as Dockatot, but at a considerably lower price. Also, as the name suggests, it is made up of organic cotton material and hypoallergenic fabrics, making it light for your baby’s body. The cotton cover ensures a prince’s treatment for your baby’s skin.

Its design hugs your baby’s body as if he is in your arms. This keeps your baby at peace and can reduce crying. Furthermore, the polyester filling keeps it durable and intact, perhaps even for your next child!

Compared to the Dockatot, washing it is totally hassle-free. Unlike Dockatot, removal of the pad for handwashing isn’t necessary.

For the first four months, Snuggle Me Organic Lounger is your best Dockatot alternative. However, Dockatot has more room for your growing baby. A baby grows quickly so it needs a co-sleeper that accommodates their growing body inside the sleeping space. 

You can always opt for a Dockatot when your baby outgrows the Snuggle Me. While the Snuggle Me is only recommended for babies up to nine months old, Dockatot’s bigger size can fit a child up to 36 months of age.

  1. Boppy Lounger

Brace yourselves for an amazing baby lounger option that will blow your mind. A Boppy Lounger, which is a fraction of the cost of Dockatot, is a cheap alternative.

This pillow-like lounger comes in limited styles, however, with the inclined shape, it keeps the baby’s head a bit higher than the rest of the body.

You may be wondering why this is a benefit. It keeps the baby’s tummy healthy and speeds up digestion. Moreover, this shape keeps the baby’s breathing relaxed. Also, the raised head position helps with tummy time.

You can choose the material of your preference, either breathable cotton or softer polyester.

With zero zippers and machine washable features, it is the best of all the Dockatot alternatives.

  1. Baby Nest Lounger

Another great Dockatot alternative is a Baby Nest Lounger. Its dimensions are pretty close to those of a Dockatot and it’s also made of the same soft 100% cotton fabric. It also has a velvety texture that will make your child feel like royalty.

A Baby Nest is a combination of comfort and safety. Its knitted surface fabric is air-permeable and breathable.

Your baby can use the Baby Nest to sleep or enjoy his tummy time to the fullest. He or she will also experience improved health thanks to speedy digestion.

The Baby Nest is not available in multiple colors and styles. However, when you are running on a budget, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Baby Nests have almost the same weight as any average baby lounger. This ensures high portability. It is also environmentally friendly, in some cases.

  1. Abreeze Baby Bassinet

Abreeze Baby Bassinet is another winning cheap alternative for Dockatot. It offers all of the competitive features of other baby loungers and more.

It is filled with hypoallergenic filler, which means it is toxin-free. This filling doesn’t compromise the breathability of the material.

It is also perfect as a travel bed for your newborn baby. It will keep your baby at peace and calm, even outdoors. It is perfect for use in a crib or for co-sleeping with you in bed, under supervision. You can even place it on the ground.

It perfectly mimics a mother’s womb and allows a sleep-deprived mom to have some rest. Baby is able to overcome the issue of them wanting to stay in mom’s arms, and mom is able to sleep. It’s a win-win deal!

As mentioned earlier, it can be converted into a travel bed, as it is portable and lightweight. Additionally, its design allows easy packing and due to the presence of handles, it can be carried around at convenience.

It is multipurpose, as it can be used anywhere, from bassinet to ground and from travel bed to changing station. 

Other Baby Loungers

Other, lesser-known baby loungers can be great alternatives as well.

  1. Baby Napper

If you think the Snuggle Me Organic Lounger, was great you are going to find this lounger even more magical. Aside from being comfortable, it will barely cost you half the price of a Dockatot. It has a separate pillow and blanket and comes in a variety of cute colors, just like Dockatot.

It’s the perfect Dockatot dupe as it is many times cheaper but with the same benefits. It can be used not only for baby naps but also as a play station for your little guy or girl.

Some Baby Nappers have canopies for outdoor use. They provide shade against harsh sun rays and keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe.

It is also perfect for tummy time. Lastly, it has handles and a folding mechanism, so it can be easily carried on trips.

  1. Nido Nest Lounger

Nido Nest’s nest-like baby lounger has a long list of great features which make it an ideal Dockatot dupe. As the name suggests, it is like a bird’s nest and is very roomy. Your baby will have the space to move around inside it.

New parents who are looking for multipurpose products can use Nido Nest as a long-term investment. It is durable and can be used as your baby grows. In addition, it is breathable and hypoallergenic, making it a high-quality baby lounger.

Is a Dockatot the Same as Boppy Lounger?

This has been repeatedly debated: is a Dockatot the same as a Boppy Lounger? 

When it comes to safety, portability, and multipurpose nature, Dockatot and Boppy Loungers are pretty much the same. They function with the same purpose of keeping the baby safe during co-sleeping. The differences appear when it comes to weight, material, design, intended age group, and washing instructions.

All About Weight

Dockatots are bigger than Boppy Loungers, which makes them heavier, too. On average, a Dockatot is twice the weight of a Boppy Lounger.

The Dockatot Deluxe Size weighs more than three pounds. The same size Boppy Lounger weighs just over two pounds.

This makes the Boppy Lounger an ideal option in terms of portability.

Focus on the Material

Dockatots are usually composed of Oeko Tex material which is safe and breathable for a baby. It is also light on a baby’s sensitive skin. 

Boppy Loungers are usually made of breathable cotton material. This may not suit some children who are allergic to cotton.

Moreover, Dockatot is a certified product that has high air permeability. In layman’s terms, it means air can cross through it, making it safe for a baby’s breathing. Furthermore, the material is tested against any hazardous substances, making it toxin-free.

These features are absent in Boppy Loungers, which have regular soft fabric covers.

Design Definitely Matters

The design is the major point of difference between the two products. Dockatot has a flat design with padded, cushioned surroundings. The baby can rest his head on the surrounding cushions.

On the other hand, Boppy Loungers have an inclined surface. They essentially look like small cushions. 

You Can’t Ignore the Age Group

A Dockatot can be used for a longer period than a Boppy Lounger. It can be used for up to eight months, while a Boppy Lounger is recommended only until a baby is four months old.

The larger sizes can be used for up to 36 months in the case of Dockatot and up to nine months for a Boppy Lounger. Therefore, a Boppy Lounger cannot be used as a toddler lounger. It is merely a newborn lounger for very little babies.

How to Go About Washing It

Though both baby loungers are machine washable, the inside pad of the Dockatot needs to be washed by hand. This makes it more of a hassle than a Boppy Lounger. The removable covers of both newborn loungers can be removed for washing.

Dockatot and Boppy Lounger are not the same product. However, they function in the same way. They help new parents calm their nerves by calming their babies.

Summary and Final Verdict

Dockatot is a great product, but it is pricey. For new parents looking for cheaper ways to keep their babies satisfied, Dockatot dupes are everywhere.  Better products at cheaper prices even exist.

Giving your baby the best is every parent’s dream, but we need to keep the economic realities in mind, too. If you can find a lower-priced alternative without compromising your baby’s comfort, you should take it.

At the end of the day, your baby will have the best options at hand and both of you will be comforted. You will grow through this journey together.

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