How to Make Your Godparent Proposal Emotional: Top 10 Ideas

godparent proposal

Have you heard about the craze of Godparent proposals? Taking the new generation by storm, this trend is the talk of the town these days. If you’re wondering what all the heat is about, well a godparent proposal is where you propose to potential godparents extraordinarily and emotionally so that they can fondly remember this amazing milestone of their life.

You can choose to make your godparent proposal emotional or comical, depending upon the relationship you share with the godparents-to-be, but be sure to make it as much a special and memorable moment in their life as it is yours.

Make sure you choose the best godparent for your baby, as they are responsible for providing your child with spiritual guidance. They should be good role models. You can choose anyone, from your immediate family or a close friend.

To make sure that you choose the right words for your godparent proposal, you can write down your proposal early, as this will help you choose the right words and help in making the proposal emotional. You should also keep in mind to propose to your godparents before planning anything they should be present for, like a baptism, this will help them ensure they are free for the event on the given date. Also, make sure that your child’s godparents have a Godparent Eligibility Form signed by their pastor so that they can be considered qualified to serve as godparents.

So now that you know what a godparent proposal is, here are some ideas to make yours perfect for your godparent to be:

What Is A Godparent?

You want to give your baby the best life possible but what if God forbid, something happens to you, and you cannot be there for your baby? This is where godparenting comes into play. A godparent is someone that will take care of your baby in case something happens to you; they can be anyone from your immediate family or close friends that follow the same faith.

Godparents act as second guardians for your child and provide guidance and support to your child. They are also responsible for the spiritual development of your child, helping them establish a healthy relationship with their faith or religion.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Godparent?

Being a godparent is not an easy matter and should not be taken lightly as it comes with numerous responsibilities. Acting as the spiritual guide for your child, your baby’s godparent would be providing advice to your child when needed as well as taking care of them if something bad happens to you.

As a spiritual guide, the godparent of your baby would help them learn more about their religion and teach them how to reach heaven. They act as someone your child will look up to their whole lives. They are also responsible to provide emotional support in times of need as well as lending a hand to the parents when taking care of their baby.

A godparent is also responsible for answering any question the godchild might have about life or religion and helping them grow up to be responsible adults.

What Paperwork Is Needed To Be A Godparent?

The specific paperwork required for someone to be able to become the godparent for your baby can vary depending on the religious institution or cultural tradition involved. Some religious institutions may require the godparents to complete a formal application or registration process like Godparent Eligibility Form that is signed by their pastor.

While it is not a legal designation and does not confer any legal rights or responsibilities, godparenting is an important role to play in a child’s life, as it is a crucial spiritual and emotional commitment, so prospective godparents should do their best to prepare for the role.

Who Is Chosen To Be A Godparent?

To make sure that you choose the best godparent for your baby, you must know the qualities that make someone a good godparent. It is essential for your potential godparent to have the same religious values, morals, and beliefs as you and to be able to guide your child in their spiritual upbringing.

Your potential godparent should be a responsible and dependable person that is always available to help you take care of your baby. Moreover, they should be willing to assume legal guardianship of the baby in the event of your death and should be able to provide them with a good life.

Your baby’s godparent can be anyone from your immediate family to a dear friend but should be relatively close to home and your family as this helps keep a close relationship between the child and their godparent.

How Can You Propose To Your Godparent?

Proposing to your potential godparent is a very meaningful and special gesture that should be as memorable for them and there are a variety of ways you accomplish this! For example, buy your godparent some godparent proposal gifts! Or getting them a “Will you be my godfather?” card or giving them a godmother necklace or picture frame.

You can also give your godparents christening gifts or sentimental gifts as it will make the gift more meaningful and special as well as make the godparent proposal more emotional. You can also consider putting together a godparent gift basket filled with items that reflect the godparent’s interests, along with a note asking them to be a godparent.

What If They Say No?

If your chosen godparents say no, it’s important for you to respect their decision and not take it personally, as being a godparent is a significant responsibility and commitment, and not everyone may feel comfortable taking on the role. Being a godparent is an important role to play, so make sure that you have a backup plan.

What Is The Next Step If They Say Yes?

If your baby’s godparents say yes, then the first and foremost step is to express your appreciation to them, as being a godparent is not an easy role. It takes effort and love to build a connection and by accepting this position, they are willing to make an effort and take care of your baby in times of need.

The next step majorly depends upon the type of commitment that the godparents have agreed to. For example, if your child’s godparents have agreed to baptism, then the next step would be to prepare for the event according to your religion.

If your godparents are willing to provide emotional or financial support, then specify the terms and expectations of them, such as when and in what way will the financial or emotional support be provided.

Should I Gift Something To My Kid’s Godparent?

Should I Gift Something To My Kid's Godparent

Though not a legal obligation, giving a gift to your child’s godparent is a nice gesture to show your appreciation and gratefulness for their role in your child’s life.

If you decide to give a godparent proposal gift, check out stores online and consider something that is meaningful and personalized to your child’s godparent that includes their interests. Other gifts you can get include a handwritten letter to express your appreciation, a godmother or godfather mug, or a godparent picture frame.

It is important to remember when shopping that the gift does not have to necessarily cost a lot of money or be extravagant; it is the thought that counts. You can even gift them a gift certificate to their favorite dining restaurant or their tickets to their favorite movie!

We all know it takes a lot of back and forth to decide who you’d trust your little baby with, especially in your absence. But once decided, you might have trouble figuring out how to make it special. So, here are our Top 10 ideas to make your godparent proposal more emotional and meaningful:

Godparent Card

To make your godparent proposal more special you can give your child’s godparents a “Will you be my godparent?” card. It is a fun and thoughtful way to make your godparent’s proposal more special and sentimental.

You can also make the godparent proposal card have a special theme. You can have a godmother proposal and a godfather proposal separately, give the godmother a fairy godmother-themed card and give your godfather a “The Godfather” movie-themed card.

Godparent Necklace

You can make the occasion more touching by gifting your godmother with a godmother necklace that is made of a small ring and a large ring, one symbolizing the baby and the other symbolizing the godmother, linked with each other, symbolizing the bond between them.

You can also gift your godfather with a godfather necklace that can be christened themed with a cross on the necklace. A godparent necklace is a great gift and a perfect keepsake. You can shop online for these types of necklaces using services like Esty.

Godparent Mug

You can also gift your godparents with a godparent mug set, the mug set should include a godmother and godfather mug that says, “The world’s best godfather/godmother.” You should also make sure to include the year of the godparent proposal on the mugs, as it is a nice reminder for the godparents.

You can shop for godparent mugs online using services like Etsy. They also provide special themed godparent mugs like a fairy godmother mug and a “The Godfather movie” mug.

Write A Poem

You can also make your godparent proposal more unique by writing your child’s godparents a personalized poem. These poems can have religious or spiritual elements, especially if the godparent has agreed to be a spiritual mentor for the godchild, or they can touch themes such as guidance, mentorship, love, and support.

Writing a poem is a unique way for your child to express gratitude and appreciation, to their godparent, for playing such an important role in their life and helps create a special bond between the godparent and child.

Gifting Ornaments

If you want to show your gratitude to your child’s godparents, how about gifting them a godparent ornament?

Personalized ornaments, customized with your godparent’s initials, and the date of your child’s baptism or christening, also make great christening gifts, as they can be religiously themed such as an angel, a cross, or a nativity scene.

If your godparent proposal is around the holidays, like Christmas, godparent ornaments are a great gift to give to your child’s godparent as it helps make the godparent proposal more special and festive.

Godparent Scratch Card

You can make your godparent proposal more humorous by giving your child’s potential godparents scratch cards that may feature designs and messages that are specifically tailored to the godparent role, such as “Will you be my godparent?” or “Thank you for being my guide and mentor.”

Godparent Picture Frame

Giving a godparent picture frame as a gift can be a great way to show your appreciation and help you make your godparent’s proposal more emotional and personal. You can also make the picture frame more meaningful by having the picture frame include your child’s name, and it can also have the date of the baptism or christening.

Godparents Candles

Do you want to make your godparent’s proposal more unique and emotional, how about gifting them godparents-themed candles? These are special candles that symbolize the light and guidance that the godparent provides to your child throughout their life.

They are also very good christening gifts by having the baptism date engraved into the candle and act as great keepsakes for the godparent because they can be displayed in the godparent’s house to symbolize the special bond between the godparent and your child.

Godparent Onesie

You can propose to your child’s potential godparents by giving them a “Will you be my godparent?” onesie, you can also have these onesies customized so that it has the date of the christening or baptism on the back.

Gifting these onesies to your child’s potential godparents can be a very cute and emotional way to ask them to be your child’s godparent.

Godparent Cake Or Cookies

If your child’s godparent has a sweet tooth, then how about baking them a godparent cake or cookie? You can have your godparent’s cake specified to the flavor preference of your child’s godparents.

While godparent cakes or cookies are not traditional gifts in the way that godparent cards or picture frames are, they can be a delicious and emotional way to celebrate the occasion and show appreciation for the godparent’s role in the child’s life.


A Godparent proposal is an important memory that serves as a reminder of the start of this amazing relationship between your child and the godparent, so why not make this occasion more emotional and special by gifting them ornaments or a card?

You can get your godparents christening gifts to make things more spiritual. Get them anything that reminds them of this important event as well as their role. You can use a onesie for the proposal, or bake them a cake saying, “Would you be my godparent?”

Getting your child’s godparent a special godparent ornament might be a memorable and sentimental gift for them to hold on to for a long time. Writing them an emotional poem or getting them a scratch card for their favorite restaurant might be the way to go if you want a cheaper option!

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