Master the Art: How to Be a Good Mother in Today’s World

how to be a good mother

Most of the time, women enter the world of motherhood with a realization that they have to be perfect mothers for their children. Studies conducted among mothers to know about how to be good mothers headed us toward the fact that new moms have a desire for perfectionism and to be the best mom their children deserve.

A good mom possesses several traits that make her the right one for the job. Most of the traits are innate, but some of them are acquired, which moms should pick along the way through trial and error methods to see what works best for their child. If you want to be a good mother, don’t fuss over this. It’s all about instincts.

However, here we list some of the qualities of a good mother that you can read and pick along the way of your journey of how to be a good mother.

What are the Qualities of a Good Mother?

She is a Friend

There are various stages of a mother and a child’s relationship. Good parenting includes understanding the best part which is being your child’s best friend when they reach adulthood. Before that, treat them as your kids and ask them to respect your decisions, but you should also take their choices into account.


Another quality of a good mother is she is well-disciplined, and also tries to pass on this characteristic to her children. Being disciplined does not mean a mother should be stubborn. Being stubborn and implementing your laws on a naturally curious child can cause issues in your relationship when he’ll grow up. So to make your child disciplined without violating him makes you a good mom.

Role Model For Her Kids

A good mother is a role model for her children. Her children can look up to her whenever they need inspiration to become better. She is remarkable, patient, self-valued, and problem-solving. In short, she is a wonderful woman for her children.

What Makes a Mother Successful?

A successful mother, often what we call a good enough mother, is the one who fulfills all the needs of her children and gives them the environment to grow and become successful in life. She let her child enjoy his life to the fullest. Moreover, she doesn’t restrict him to the traditional laws of education and games. By introducing her child to new forms of games and teaching methods, she makes herself aware too.

A successful mother teaches her child the importance of:

  • Discipline
  • Self-love
  • Self-worth
  • Time
  • Knowledge
  • Patience

Not only this, she teaches her child to respect everyone around him in a strict way while loving her children unconditionally. A successful mother is the one whom their children look up to, for help, inspiration, and for guidance.

How Can I Be a Better Mother to My Kids?

One of the ways to become a good mom is to provide a healthy environment so your child grows his self-esteem, makes new friends, and feels comfortable around his family members. You can’t always control your kid’s life. Making them well-disciplined and well-mannered doesn’t mean you can control their decisions and change their life choices.

A good mom should always be open to new formats of life their children are up to. If you have brought them up right, you must have the confidence that they can’t opt for wrong life choices and would never let you down in any phase of their life.

So, allow your children to grow in their way with your support, love, and guidance.

Hardest Part About Being a Mother in Generation Alpha

The new generation, also known as the “Glass Generation” is more connected to the digital world than the outside world, so parenting such children is a challenge for parents. As children spend most of their time in front of computers and mobile screens nowadays, their parents concern a lot about their physical, mental, and social health and well-being.

Not only this, Generation Alpha kids can be sometimes rebellious and overly demanding. So parenting such children can give their parents a tough time.

Can a Working Woman Be a Good Mother?

Being a mother is an instinct, not a skill. It can’t be learned, it is in a woman’s nature to be a good mother. A working woman has to manage everything herself and hardly finds time for herself. That doesn’t mean she can’t prove herself a good and caring mother. But it is a society’s norm that working women are not considered good enough mothers.

However, in my opinion, working women are more responsible for their duties. If she learns some time management skills, sets some goals, and prioritizes things, she can be a successful woman and a good mother at the same time. Working women can be a role model for their children.

Tips to Be a Better Mother

Embrace Yourself

All moms are superheroes for their children. She does everything to make her baby happy and comfortable. But do you spare some time to embrace yourself for doing so much for family members around you?

So for some time, stop thinking about how to be a good mom, and most importantly, silence the voice of perfectionism in your head, and spare some time for self-care.

Spend Some Lovely and Affectionate Time With Your Child

To make your relationship with your child more strong, try spending some quality time with your child. Most of the moms (parents in general) are busy giving their kids a standardized life. In this rush, they forget that spending some affectionate time with your baby, other than playing, studying, and eating dinner together, creates a memorable time for the child as well as the parents.

Time flies. You would not even notice when and how your child has grown so much. So enjoy his childhood before it’s too late. Ask him questions about his life, and show curiosity in his daily activities. It will leave a positive impact on his personality and will be able to do his daily life activities with more enthusiasm.

Ask for Help Whenever You Need It

Whenever you feel exhausted and uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to seek help from your friends and family. Don’t restrict yourself to your home and try exploring other ways of parenting if you have more than one child. There is no need to be perfect.

Don’t Pressurize Your Kid and Make Them Feel Protected

As a parent, your primary role is to protect your kid from negative aspects of society. Don’t pressurize your children to be perfect in every field of life. Never compare him with other kids. Let them know it’s OK to fail or it is normal to be imperfect. Giving your best is how to be a good mother.

How To Be Calm When My Kids Are Frustrating Me?

One of the pro tips about how to be a good mom is not to be stubborn regarding parenting. Don’t take their fights personally. If you be harsh on your children about something, say something hurtful, and feel mom guilt about it, don’t feel ashamed to say sorry. It will create a positive impact on the kid’s memory so that when he will say something hurtful, he’ll apologize for his behavior.

Strict parenting raises obstinate kids. Moreover, pay attention to your kid when he tells you something he likes or doesn’t like about you or the environment. Breathe, think about the situation, and react accordingly.

How Can I Help My Kids Open Up To Me?

Some kids are open about their life while others just hide everything. Dealing with a child that is not open to their closest people can be difficult. But let not it frustrate you.

First thing first, get active if you notice any behavioral changes or when they show unrecognizable emotions. In case he does, listen to his daily conversations. Try taking him to school and talk on the way. Be a good listener. Instead of choosing violence, try to show sympathy and deal with him like a good friend in this regard.

What Can I Do To Build a Better Bond With My Kids?

Some parents get frustrated over the fact that their kids like their grandparents or uncle/aunt more than them. As we mentioned earlier, a mother’s role is not to be friends with their children, then how can a mother feel connected with her baby alongside setting some boundaries?

A simple way is to teach your child to show emotional reactions whenever he feels a range of emotions. It helps maintain the connection between a mother and her child. Even some simple daily activities can help build a connection with your little one like singing, reading a story, drawing something or coloring, playing a game, or watching cartoons together.

Even cooking and eating together helps build connection. Going on evening walks and sharing a hot chocolate can help start a conversation between the two and you can show your interest in his life by using the simple mother language of love.

Final Verdict

Experts say that a perfect mom doesn’t exist. Good moms take care of everyone without forgetting themselves. However, an ideal mom makes sacrifices and provisions for her child and encourages him to succeed in every field of life.

She makes her child her top priority. This is how to be a good mom. She is disciplined, well-mannered, sacrificing, easy to talk to, able to find out what’s wrong with her child, and passionate about raising children to be good humans.

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