How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss Baby – #1 Successful Way

how to tell grandma not to kiss baby

Grandmothers dream about holding their grandchildren since the day they give birth to their kids. It is justified to feel a little under pressure before asking them to avoid kissing your baby. 

We will help prepare you to tell grandma not to kiss the baby.

The best way to deal with this situation is to sit calmly with the baby’s grandma and explain the risks involved with kissing babies. You must explain to them that kissing can harm the baby’s developing immune system. If you feel the conversation is going in the wrong direction, take them to your baby’s doctor for expert advice.

Should Grandparents Be Allowed to Kiss Newborns?

It’s hard to resist kissing the adorable cheeks and hands of a newborn baby, especially for the baby’s grandparents. They have been anxiously waiting to welcome the new family member. But the question arises—should grandparents be allowed to kiss your baby?

The answer is no. Doctors suggest that neither grandparents nor parents kiss newborn infants. It is becoming increasingly dangerous for the newborn baby’s immune system, as kissing can cause the passing of germs and viruses to the baby.

Babies get affected by various diseases because a newborn baby isn’t fully vaccinated, and their immune system is open to all sorts of germs and potential risks that can affect their health.

One of the diseases is Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which can be caused by respiratory droplets. The droplets can spread germs from someone who has a cold. This can be fatal for a newborn, so it’s necessary to help your family understand how dangerous kissing babies can be.

Allergic reactions are another crucial problem for a newborn baby. If someone kisses your newborn after eating, this can trigger allergic reactions to the baby’s skin which can cause severe irritation and pain. If someone kisses the baby with a skincare or makeup product on, it can negatively affect the baby and make him sick.

It is best to save your baby from future pain. You must set some ground rules for everyone in the family, including the grandparents. No one should be allowed to kiss your baby until the baby’s immune system has had time to mature.

Should Grandparents Kiss Grandkids?

Everyone has a different opinion on this topic. It is an ongoing conversation on whether grandparents should be allowed to kiss their grandchildren.

There is one thing we must understand and that is about the kiss itself. 

What is a kiss? It is an expression of affection one uses to show their feelings. Grandparents cherish their children and their children’s children, too. Your parents may have been busy with their lives when you were growing up. It was probably your grandparents who had the time to sit back and give us their undivided attention. They are the people who listened to our stories and gave us tips for our problems.

Grandparents are part of the support system for both you and your child, so why shouldn’t they be able to show their affection?

Kissing your little ones is not a forbidden thing, and it shouldn’t be seen as one. 

How Do I Say Don’t Kiss My Baby?

Let’s be honest: babies are cute and nobody wants to keep their distance from them. It is hard for people, especially family members, to keep their hands off babies and stop kissing them, but sometimes it becomes essential that they do.

We have listed some of the best tips on telling people not to kiss your baby without offending them. 

You need to choose your words very carefully. Repeat them once or twice in your head to check if they sound harsh or convey the wrong message. You need to speak with utmost humility and respect, so the person knows it’s nothing personal but what’s best for the baby.

Research on parenting websites. Read multiple articles. Put in effort for your baby and make a compelling case. Give an appropriate and sound reason for not wanting them to kiss your baby. Tell your family about your baby’s risks.

Be firm. Even if people try mocking you or convincing you otherwise, keep in mind all the risks involved with your baby’s health. Let them know that you are the mother of the newborn and that what you say goes.

Following are a few ways to tell your family to stop kissing your child on the mouth:

  • “Hey, I recently read a few articles about how dangerous it is to kiss babies. I’d rather you not kiss the baby for a while.”
  • “My husband and I stopped kissing the baby due to COVID-19. I would appreciate it if you guys could do the same.”
  • “I know how much you love her, but her skin’s really sensitive. It would mean a lot to me if we could all stop kissing her all the time. ”

You can quickly get your point across with the right words and technique without hurting someone else’s feelings. The next time you feel uncomfortable on the behalf of your baby, politely ask them to behave, but if it’s the grandparents, don’t forget to be super gentle with them.

How Do You Tell Family Members Not to Touch Your Baby?

How Do You Tell Family Members Not to Touch Your Baby?

While most family members will treat your baby appropriately, some insensitive people will do weird stunts with the baby, and you are forced to tell them not to touch your baby. But how can one tell them not to touch the baby and appear not rude? 

We have some creative ideas to help you with this pickle. 

Give them an excuse on how the baby has just eaten his food and will be pooping any second now. No matter how much they love the baby, nobody likes to touch or pick up a smelly baby who’s pooping.

Hang a sign on the stroller that says that kissing and touching are not allowed. This way, whenever family gatherings happen, they will know your child is off-limits, and you as a mother don’t appreciate people touching the newborn.

You can also put a net around your baby to save him/her from unwanted hands grabbing at them. If someone tries anything, tell them your doctor suggested it to protect him/her from germs and diseases like colds and cold sores. Do not listen to anybody’s criticism and under no circumstances should you feel obligated to remove the baby’s net. This way you can restrict people from kissing your baby, especially on the mouth. Kissing babies on the mouth makes them the sickest.

Here are some ideas that you can use with family members that will get your point across without being offensive:

  • “Hey, she was up all night. I would appreciate it if you would let her sleep for a while. Thanks!”
  • “Hey, he is scared to meet new people. Please let him get comfortable.”
  • “Hey, due to COVID-19, we prefer a little distancing from our baby. Hope you understand!”

Our Final Advice for You is to Enjoy the Blessing

We have shared different ways to save your child from unwanted kisses and touches from the family by either being straightforward about it or sweet-talking your way out of it without offending dear ones. 

We have also emphasized that babies can get sick due to kisses and it can be fatal for the newborn baby’s immune system. Now you have some good ideas up your sleeve on how to tell grandma not to kiss the baby without breaking her heart.

Being a parent, you have a huge responsibility. You have the responsibility of making sure that he/she stays healthy. Simultaneously, you also have the burden of making sure nobody gets hurt by your actions in raising your own child. These are all huge responsibilities, but don’t worry! 

You will figure it out. 

Being a parent is a huge blessing, so, instead of worrying about your baby all the time (which is quite natural for first-time moms), enjoy this phase of parenting as much as you can. Do not stress about perfection and understand that you cannot control other people, including grandma and grandpa. So enjoy and focus on making memories!

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