Necklace With Picture Inside, Is It Still a Thing?


Jewelry has a meaning when it symbolizes something and is kept dearest by people. For centuries, jewelry, either in gold or silver, has been used as a gift, fashion item and for trading purposes. However, a piece of jewelry, specifically a necklace with a picture inside, was considered a way to keep your loved ones closest to your heart. A necklace with a picture inside is called a locket or a pendant, a type of jewelry that is usually made in gold and silver. If you are looking for classy vintage costume jewelry, we recommend the Monet jewelry brand, which is quite trendy nowadays.

What Is a Necklace with a Picture Inside Called?

A necklace with a picture inside is called a locket or a pendant. They were trendy back in the day, specially in the 20th century before they became obsolete. People used such necklaces to keep pictures of their family and friends in them. Now they are back in fashion and look classy when they are in the vintage style of jewelry. Not only vintage but simple gold and silver also look amazing. It’s all about the emotions and memorable moments attached to it.

Is It Obsolete Now?

As we know, jewelry especially necklaces are worn by men and women all around the globe.  They are stylish and look appealing in an aesthetic way. Nowadays pendant necklaces and picture necklaces are in trend. Necklaces with pictures inside were significant in the game in the past century. Then they became obsolete. However, due to their importance as thoughtful gifts and deep-meaning items for the customers, they are back in trend.

Personalized photo necklace not only has their significance as a trendy fashion icon or an aesthetic way of carrying jewelry, but it also holds your dearest memories close to your heart.

Where Can I Find These Necklaces?

You can find these personalized necklaces with pictures inside anywhere around you in local stores or online. We recommend online purchases, as there are many stores available that deliver custom necklaces to make the purchase special for the customers.

Whether you want to celebrate a perfect birthday, a holiday, a special occasion, or express your love without any reason, a vintage necklace with a custom picture inside uniquely serves the purpose.

Stores That Sell Vintage Picture Necklaces

You will find several stores online selling custom necklaces with photos inside. A few of our finds that we recommend to you are:

What Is a Projection Necklace?

People of all ages, genders, and ethnicities like necklaces with pictures inside. It is the perfect form of jewelry to carry around or gift someone you love as it adds glamour to your personality. Certainly, the most aesthetic feature of these necklaces is the picture inside.

Such jewelry pieces especially a necklace with pictures inside were quite common in the 20th century. In the current era, they are making their place again in the fashion industry.

A projection necklace is simply a necklace with a picture inside. It uses a technique in which it masks some of the light while allowing the rest to illuminate some of the words. In this way, when light strikes its surface and you watch it at a certain angle you can see a photograph or a word engraved on it.

A projection necklace is both affordable and versatile, a unique way of remembering someone when you look at it. It’s a cool and antique way of projecting someone’s picture.

But how does the picture inside a projecting necklace become visible?

Well, seeing a picture or any word engraved inside a projecting necklace can be confusing for newbies. It requires a perfect angle and light to get visible to the naked eye. Place the necklace close to your eye and try to peek through the central stone.

Moreover, you can use your phone’s camera to see the picture inside. For that purpose, set the camera in front of the projection lens. When the camera will get the right angle, the picture will be zoomed in on your phone’s screen.

Besides this technique, another way to enlarge the picture inside is through a flashlight and a wall. For this, throw some light on the projection necklace with the picture inside and make sure it strikes the central stone. Then through some angle, the picture will be enlarged on a wall.

You can gift such a personalized projection necklace to someone on their birthday, to restore your relationship, or keep it for yourself as a reminder of someone close.

How Much Is a Photo Locket For?

How Much Is a Photo Locket For?

You can find a picture necklace at a wide range of prices. It depends on the type of material you are ordering. A necklace with a picture inside can be bought in pure gold, pure silver, rose gold, sterling silver, or silver plating.

But I would like to say that it’s the gift that matters not the price. A picture necklace is a great way to showcase your love to someone. And if you are buying it to wear, it looks cool and trendy with a picture inside it that reminds you of treasured memories.

Check out the stores we recommended above to get a price idea of the custom pendants available there.

Whose Picture Should I Add to a Photo Locket?

It depends on your will and personal liking whose picture you want to keep in your picture necklace. You can keep a picture of your entire family getting together on a special occasion, or your group of associates. You can add individual pictures of your loved ones like your mom, dad, your best friend or girlfriend, or your children.

Self-love is the most admirable thing in today’s world. You can keep your picture too in your photo locket. There’s nothing wrong to love yourself and make yourself a top priority.

Here we enlist some of the things people like to keep in their picture necklaces.

  • A special note from someone they love.
  • Lace from their wedding dress as a reminder of the most special day of their life.
  • Photos of their pet animals.
  • Photos of their favorite artists.

Is a Photo Locket a Good Gift?

There are many types and designs of necklaces with pictures inside that you can gift your loved ones. A personalized heart photo necklace with gold or silver plating wrapped in a beautiful gift box will do its job. A meaningful gift with treasured memories is never rejected by anybody. In fact, people prefer a necklace with a picture inside, as it represents a thoughtful gift. A personalized heart photo necklace with a picture inside is a sentimental jewelry item, as it holds the place to store your memories, photograph, and other details.

You can gift a necklace with a picture inside to your mom on her birthday or Mother’s Day. It can have her high-quality image or maybe you can add your picture as a sign of your affection and enthusiasm for the relationship between you two.

In addition, you can gift this necklace with a picture inside to your siblings, best friend, or girlfriend significantly on a special occasion. They can be proved a great birthday gift, as they have the perfect pictures, memories, and values. In my opinion, people like personalized heart photo necklaces with pictures inside more than a regular phone’s camera photo for the following reasons:

  • They are customizable. You can get any style and design of your choice.
  • They are sentimental and emotional. A necklace with a picture inside holds a special memory related to that photograph.
  • Such necklaces are versatile and affordable. You can get it in pure gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. Many even like handmade necklaces.

So, what are you waiting for? These necklaces with a picture inside are back in trend. Get a custom necklace with sterling silver or rose gold to hand over a treasure of memories to your loved ones.

Final Verdict

The necklace with a picture inside is back in trend now. You may hear it with other names like picture necklace or photo necklace. A personalized heart photo necklace is what you need to impress your crush, or you can gift it to your family and friends so that whenever they see your custom necklace, they think of you.

It’s another level of satisfaction when you keep something so close to your heart and it’s related to the most important person in your life. We can say that all memories can be stored under a personalized necklace with a picture inside.

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