What Are Some Places to Take Toddler Near Me? 8 Ideas

places to take toddler near me

It’s a great feeling to experience new things with your toddler. It not only refreshes the toddler’s mind but helps strengthen the connection between you two. If you are looking for ideas about activities you can do with your baby or searching for “places to take toddlers near me,” you’ve come to the right spot.

Some of the toddler activities your baby would enjoy are playing with a sandbox or water table, splash pad, collecting and foraging, writing or drawing with sidewalk chalk, walking around the block, train rides, visiting a children’s garden, and riding his favorite scooter or tricycle.

A 2-year-old’s daily routine typically includes a lot of playtimes, eating, and sleeping. Most toddlers still take one nap per day, which usually falls in the middle of the day. However, children should be active for an hour every day, and getting outside to play is one way to be sure that your child is getting enough exercise in his day.

As parents are always searching for some unique and fun-loving toddler activities to perform with their children, so they are kept entertained and grow in a healthy environment.

So here we have jotted down amazing and unique ideas to entertain your kids, that would have a healthy impact on their minds and body.

Is It Good To Take Toddlers Outside?

Parents are always concerned about the safety of their kids and the risk factors associated with playing outdoor games. Doctors recommend healthy outdoor games for children as it is linked to their improved motor control, brain development, and minimum risk of obesity and loss of appetite.

Not only this, going to an outdoor space, enjoying some free time in a park, and visiting nearby cities is linked with a lower risk of developing myopia or nearsightedness.

Moreover,  a little time spent at a cheerful place helps improve the concentration and mood of the toddler, and he’ll be able to attend a naturally-attuned sleep cycle. Besides that, playing with other kids will improve their social skills, and they’ll be able to overcome their anxiety around people.

But along with all these pros, parents should be extra careful as outdoor games can sometimes cause little accidents. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your kid play outdoor games. A little extra care, training, and asking him to report to you whenever he needs something is going to be helpful.

Do Toddlers Get Bored?

For toddlers, everything is new. It’s like a USB when it is collecting data from a computer. So they are basically learning machines meant to study the world. They watch around them, try to recognize everything, and explore it keenly. But most parents are concerned if their toddler ever gets bored.

Maybe they do get bored, but not like grown-ups. Technically, they never get bored. How they can get bored when they have so much to explore around them?

When we talked to parents about this issue and they reported that toddlers can get exhausted but never bored. And this feature of them can make parents exhausted and bored.

That’s why most parents nowadays give mobile in their toddlers’ hands and expect them to stay jolly and cheerful all day without any clingy mood. Well, that is something that can bore children.

Spending the entire time in front of the TV or mobile screens is not only bad for the minds and bodies of kids ages, but their routine, sleeping schedule, and mood are impacted.

It doesn’t mean they should not watch their favorite cartoons or poems; that should be part of their daily activities, but a toddler spending his entire time in front of the screen is something to be concerned about.

What Can I Do With My Toddler Outside?

What Can I Do With My Toddler Outside?

Toddlers love to go to a fun place and a large playground where they can enjoy, play and discover stuff around them. They love climbing structures and play areas. They enjoy playing with other kids and spend family time with you.

If the place you are choosing to go is kid-friendly, not only he but you can enjoy it too and spend some quality time alone with keeping an eye on your little one.

If you want your kid to experience some outside toddler activities, introduced him to other young kids. This will help grow his social skills and build encouragement to talk to people.

And to make sure you also enjoy your time and don’t suffer when you are out with him, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure your toddler has got enough sleep during the day and he’s not clingy or moody.
  • Pack their diaper bag, and extra clothing like extra pairs of shoes, socks, and clothes.
  • Bring snacks along as they are life savers. But make sure that you pack fruits and nuts with you instead of sugary items.

Outdoor Games for Kids

Playing these fun and active outdoor games is so much fun for toddlers:

  • Riding a scooter or tricycle
  • An obstacle course
  • Water games
  • Sponge tennis
  • Hide and seek
  • Hopscotch
  • Kick the can
  • Marbles
  • Freeze tag
  • Water balloon fights
  • Duck, duck, goose

8 Best Outdoor Places I Can Visit With My Toddler

Ultimate Indoor Play Park

Swimming is fun along with learning the best skill that can be helpful for life ahead. Do not forget to pack the essentials while taking your children to a nearby indoor pool or splash pad like:

  1. Swimming suit
  2. Extra diapers
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Rask guard
  5. Life jacket
  6. Wipes and cleaning products


Visiting a library will spark in your toddler a light of knowledge and enthusiasm to read books. Some libraries have a specific children’s section where kids can sit and read books of their kind. They can even draw and color their favorite pictures. It will help them learn to stay quiet and read and they’ll get used to library reading.

Petting Zoo

A petting zoo is less busy than a regular zoo. Visiting a zoo is an amazing experience for a toddler, to see and admire other creatures on this planet. Petting farm animals with the assistance of parents will set a great example for toddlers about how should to treat animals, with care and love.

Food Festival or Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Letting your toddler get to know new foods and flavors helps build a great taste regarding food items. Take him to visit a nearby food festival or toddler-friendly restaurant where he can enjoy his food while looking at other foods being prepared.


Museums are a great spot for building enthusiasm for learning and exploring things. Visit local children’s museums where he can find a piece of his interest to look at.

Visit Family or Friends

If you want to introduce your toddler to his relatives and family members, take with him to their home, either arrange a birthday party and spend some quality time with the whole family. You can even plan a play date with your friends and their kids in a play area so they can enjoy their time and you can have your friends get-togethers.

Nearby Park

There is nothing better for an evening walk than a nearby children’s play area having swings, a Ferris wheel, or a picnic area. If you want to spend some quality time with your toddler, take him to a great park or children’s garden for kids’ play. You can even have so much fun in your own backyard.


Aquariums are loaded with fun and exploration. Visit an aquarium near you and take your toddler with you to introduce him to amazing facts about various types of fish.

Is Indoors Better Than Outdoors For Toddlers?

As we know, the Alpha Generation is accused of staying most of their time indoors and spending less time on outdoor activities and physical games. Well, to a certain extent, these accusations are correct but that doesn’t mean indoor games can only have computer or tablet screens involved.

However, some researchers claim that indoor games and activities encourage creativity and critical thinking among toddlers.

In addition, from a parent’s point of view, indoor games are safe and there are fewer chances of any injury. Besides that, indoor games are a good alternative option on a rainy day or in uncomfortable weather. So, it means there should be some indoor game options available too to have a lower risk of injury, getting cold, or sunburn.

Some of the intellectual, thought-provoking, and entertaining indoor games include:

  • Puzzle games
  • Card games
  • Quiz games
  • Alphabet games
  • Dice games
  • Indoor hide and seek and hopscotch
  • Balloon games

But that leads us to the same question is indoors better than outdoors for a toddler? And the answer is not significantly. While indoor games could be safe and thought-provoking but they can’t help toddlers to show their true potential. He will miss out on the opportunity to play with his friends, get connected to nature, and build his physical health.

Final Verdict

Being a toddler equals living the best years of your life, without any tension or stress about learning stuff. So, make them the most memorable for your toddler by giving him the fun things, health, and regularity he needs in life ahead.

Indoor and outdoor activities and fun-loving play areas are the best to develop social and behavioral skills, and he’s definitely going to remember these memorable moments spent with you.

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