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pregnancy photoshoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. Understandably, one would want to make it s memorable as possible. A common yet great idea many parents have is a pregnancy photoshoot, and here are some ideas to make maternity photos more memorable.

The third trimester of pregnancy, which is 28–32 weeks, is the ideal time to arrange your pregnancy photoshoot. Expectant moms can have a shoot provided that they’re not too near their due date, and they can still walk around with a developing baby belly, even if the ideal period for a maternity picture session is suggested to be 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

When your pregnancy is finished, you’ll catch yourself reflecting on all of those baby kicks and going down memory lane. It’s crucial to document these beautiful times because pregnancy will go by faster than you think. 

A maternity shoot is a photo session or series of picture sessions conducted for a soon-to-be mother during pregnancy or the birthing phase. Maternity photoshoots honor the bond between mother and child while capturing the beauty of your expanding baby belly.

Having a photoshoot is a great idea to remember this time with your baby. Now what is left is deciding on how to carry on the maternity photoshoot. Remember that every little thing matters when taking maternity photos.

What Should I Wear For My Maternity Photoshoot

It’s important to pick an outfit that highlights the elegance of your bump because the goal of your maternity photoshoot is to capture the beauty of your stunning new form.

Since the camera tends to accentuate extra fabric, your bump may become concealed by baggy or loose clothing, making it impossible for people to discern your body’s contour. Select an item that fits well and accentuates your pregnancy belly.

The following outfits do this and look fantastic in studio pictures:

  • A body-con form-fitting dress to accentuate the curve of your bump.
  • Gowns with flowy skirts and empire lines.
  • Lingerie, worn whichever you feel most comfortable, such as by itself or with a clear shirt or sweater over the top.
  • Bandeau or cropped tops with jeans, but not pregnancy clothing. Unbuttoning your pre-pregnancy pants will give you a much more attractive form than maternity jeans.
  • A maxi dress and a bandeau blouse.
  • Lace lends an intriguing layer to your images, whether lace clothing or lingerie.

What Should My Husband Wear For Maternity Photoshoot

  • His attire should enhance whatever you are wearing, not overpower it or your bump. You should try your best to avoid the same colors. There are not many scenes where this would look attractive.
  • Take into account the texture of your outfit; vary it to give your images more visual appeal. The possibilities are endless: cotton, linens, cashmere, jeans.
  • If the weather permits, layer up. The style and feel of your images may change by simply taking off a sport coat! Your husband can begin working with long sleeves, then roll them up halfway through if it’s too hot for a jacket or sweater. This will give your pictures a more relaxed feel.
  • Dads should wear trousers rather than shorts unless you’re going for a really informal look.
  • Steer clear of garish, eye-catching designs and prints, and also neon hues. First, let’s keep the spotlight on the faces and mama’s growing baby bulge.
  • You are not required to go blue if you’re expecting a boy. In the same way, you are not limited to pink if it is a female. Regardless of the gender of the child, dress to charm the mother.
  • Steer clear of wearing jeans with rips, stains, or tears because they will make your images look dated and are a touch too informal for this event. Your attire should be different from your regular dress.

What Is A Good Price For Maternity Photoshoot?

It’s critical to understand prices when thinking about hiring a pregnancy photographer. A typical session lasts between three and four hours, and most photographers begin charging by the hour. 

The cost is also influenced by the number of altered photographs included in your bundle. The price of maternity photography sessions can vary based on the photographer’s skill level, the number of edited images, the duration of the session, and any extra services that may be offered. 

A pregnancy photography session often costs between $250 and $500. But it’s not unusual to come across a professional photographer that bills up to $1,000 or even more for professional photos. It’s vital to inquire about this before scheduling your appointment so that you know what to expect.

  • The per-photo or hourly pricing. Based on the photographer’s level of experience, this will often vary. It might range from $75 to $250 per hour.
  • The sitting charge. The expense of their time and skill is covered by this charge, which is often non-refundable. Normally, it costs $50 to $100.
  • The travel expenses. Depending on the distance, this is usually no more than $100.
  • The cost of supplemental services like hair and makeup. Typically, this costs an additional $50 to $100.
  • The total cost. This can fluctuate between $250 and $1000 and will include every one of the edited pregnancy photos from your shoot.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas For Couples

A pregnant woman may find it challenging to strike some positions. Ensure that your postures take into consideration any physical difficulties your pregnant client may be experiencing. Poses for maternity picture shoots are usually in standing positions. 

Then, everything revolves around:

  • Where their hands are placed.
  • The way they behave when wearing their robe (making it flow or twirl, etc.).
  • The location’s splendor.
  • Facial expressions must be natural.

What Is The Best Venue For Pregnancy Photoshoot?

What Is The Best Venue For Pregnancy Photoshoot?

There may not be a clear-cut solution depending on your specific taste, particularly in terms of climate and design. Instead, expectant moms like a variety of backgrounds for their prenatal photographs. Depending on an individual’s preference and the surroundings, some settings are particularly conducive to pregnancy bumps.

A Regulated Environment:

You can take timeless and traditional pregnancy photos thanks to studio maternity photography. Pregnancy’s elegance and curves may stand out because of a designed background. Intimate maternity images may be created during studio sessions, including stunning silhouettes of pregnant women and nude photos.

For mothers who adore traditional, timeless photographs and/or are interested in taking private photos, studio pregnancy photos are the perfect option. They are excellent for “planners,” expecting women who want to create multiple looks, individuals who want assurance and management over the outcome, private clientele, and those who might not be able to arrange in case of bad weather or any other unexpected reasons.

A Free Unique Environment:

The existence of a distinctive background and color narrative is one of the most lovely aspects of outdoor maternity photography. Whenever the session is held in a park, on the beach, in a field, or garden, the light, the environment, and the colors shift for each. 

These environments are ideal for maternity pictures. As with any picture session, one’s degree of comfort is crucial to producing stunning photos. The greatest applicants for outdoor maternity photographs are daring mothers and couples, those who have a personal connection to a lovely location, and those who have the option to rearrange if required.

Your Own Home:

Last but not least, taking maternity photographs at home may reveal relationships, intimacy, and how life actually was before your baby arrived. There is no better location for your maternity photoshoot than your house if you want to recall the area you lived in, cherished, and called home. Additionally, a pregnant woman usually feels relaxed and at home there.

For individuals who would like to recall how their house is before the baby arrives and who have clean homes with lots of natural light, taking maternity photographs at home is the best option.


Decorations for maternity picture shoots may give your shoot a unique and fascinating touch. Considering that the goal as photographers is to portray YOUR family’s narrative. Including a little bit of your personal experience will enable them to produce pictures that are more meaningful to you and your family members.

Here are some unique suggestions for maternity photo shoot decor.

Take Your Ultrasound with You as a Maternity Shoot Prop

A great way to honor and commemorate your pregnancy is to include the moment you saw your beautiful child for the first time. Consider including your ultrasound in the picture. 

Schedule a Maternity Session at Your Alma Mater

Your photo collection will always have a more personal touch if you select significant sites for your shoot. For instance, if you met your husband in college, why not return to the beginning?

Schedule Your Maternity Appointment With Your Baby Shower

You may film great baby shower moments with very close relatives and friends and take lovely photographs of you and your spouse to honor the joyful events of maternity when you combine your baby shower with your pregnancy photography session.

Bring Balloons to Your Prenatal Appointment

What would a party be without balloons? Think about bringing balloons to use as a picture prop during your maternity session.

If You Plan to Involve Children, Think About Children’s Activities

Consider bringing entertaining activities for your other children if you plan to include them in the maternity session. Include your older children and their hobbies to make it more important and cinematic for your family. Maternity photos are a festival of family.

Bring Jewelry to Your Maternity Photos

This notion serves more as a reminder than as a prop. The art of storytelling entails taking pictures from various perspectives of various objects, such as the hands and bellies. Displaying wedding rings contributes to a fuller visual narrative.

Teeny Tiny Baby Shoes, Please!

Why? Because there are moments when one must act just because something is absolutely cute and adorable.

Think About Attractive Items Like Flower Crowns

Consider including ornamental items like flower crowns in your clothing. Flowers are lovely additions that fit with the concept and goal of maternity sessions since they represent a tribute to life and the environment.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Poses

With the help of some professional photographs, you may immortalize moments that will last a lifetime. These maternity photo poses are perfect for a couple’s photo session.

Hands-On Contact

When taking maternity pictures as a couple, you can’t forget to get a shot of you two holding hands.

A Couple Holding the Sonogram

A popular maternity photo pose involves the couple holding the ultrasound of the unborn child.

Eye Contact

A wonderful pregnancy posture involves the pair gazing into one other’s eyes.

The partner Holds the Baby’s Object

Another traditional pregnancy picture shoot is having the couple hold some baby clothing or shoes.

Hook Hands Behind Back

Undoubtedly one of the nicest maternity photo positions is a back embrace from the spouse. In case they wish to compare their bellies, you may even snap amusing side photos.

A Belly Kiss From Your Partner

Having the spouse kiss the baby bump is one of the cutest pregnancy picture ideas.

The Backdrop and Foreground

For less conventional pregnancy photography ideas, try utilizing alternative focus levels. Have the partner, for instance, display the ultrasound at the forefront. Next, put the mother in the foreground while softening the focus.

Holding the Belly and Facing Forward and Sideways

It’s crucial to attempt various postures while taking pregnant photos. Finding a location where they can feel more at ease and shoot beautiful pregnancy photographs will be easier with this.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Poses Solo

Take a Belly Hold

Hold your tummy in a protective, nurturing manner while looking into the camera. Maternity silhouette images are ideal for displaying a mother’s belly. This is excellent if you want to take weekly photos to document the belly’s development.

Take a Belly Hold at 45 Degrees

This posture is an adaptation of the first, but you must face the camera at a 45-degree angle. You demonstrate the size of the baby bump here more effectively.

Display the Sonogram

Hold the ultrasonography in front of the abdomen if you can to incorporate the newborn’s first image into your maternity pictures.

A Milk Bath

One of the finest maternity photo concepts is a milk bath, which is also fantastic for the skin. To achieve the finest results, speak with a qualified photographer.

Holding a Baby-Related Object

Hold any of the baby’s belongings close to your expanding abdomen, such as some baby shoes or stuffed animals.

If you want to have the picture shoot in the infant’s room, this is fantastic. Otherwise, if you’re performing it in a studio or outside, you can bring certain objects with you.

Taking a Nap

Sunbathing is one of the greatest outdoor pregnancy photography suggestions.

Getting adequate light is critical for the baby’s health and growth. Beautiful pregnancy images can be captured in this light.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas At Home


A fantastic approach to capturing pregnancy photos without displaying too much skin is a silhouette. It really achieves the ideal level of transparency while maintaining secrecy, retaining part of the magic taking place there. Additionally, it is quite beneficial if you experience photo aversion, which is common in both pregnant and non-pregnant women.


If you want to include your first kid in your maternity session, you’ll feel even more special. Your first kid becoming an elder brother or sister is also a reason to celebrate the birth of the new baby. They’ll look forward to their new duty even more if they participate in the photo session.


Including your pet in the photo session is yet another method of making it more inclusive. The end product is a precious photograph that is exclusive to your family.

Be Comfortable

Remember that your comfort comes before anything else. Make sure you are comfortable with whatever you decide for your maternity shoot and enjoy this beautiful experience.

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