Top 5 Toddler Girl Room Ideas on a Budget

toddler girl room ideas on a budget

Having a baby is a miraculous feeling, but it sure is also expensive. With medical bills, baby products, and health services, one is sure to lose track of their budget. But even so, wanting to bring your baby into a beautiful place is a dream for every parent, but one should not forget their budget. Because of this, many parents wonder if there are any toddler boy or girl room ideas on a budget, and that is what we will answer here.

You can do many things to decorate your toddler’s room. Some very common tips most parents like are displaying baby books in the kid’s room, making sure windows are not blocked so sunlight can easily illuminate the room, having a low table with toys that can be a  sensory play area, maybe adding a cute rug, having a cute tent in one of the corners, and the list goes on. When you are looking for ideas on a budget, Youtube should be your go-to place for finding interesting DIYs (do-it-yourself). Youtube is filled with tutorials on painting, room decor, and a variety of ideas on a budget.

While decorating the room, make sure that the theme is light-colored, ensure that the entire room is soft and cozy, and buy furniture with enough storage space to hold their stuffed animals, soft toys, and other items.

The way you will decorate your toddler girl’s room will not only have an impact on them but will also add to or take from your house if not done properly. A child’s bedroom is where she will spend most of her time, so you have to make sure that the whole room is comfortable for her. In addition, giving your child a bedroom before they’re old enough is not advised since little children could get scared easily if they are left alone.

When Does a Child Need Their Own Bedroom?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) argues that a baby should stay in his or her parent’s room. The baby should have a crib or bassinet of his own to sleep in (or a co-sleeper that is securely fastened to the mattress), but she shouldn’t have a room of her own until she is at least six months old, preferably 12 months. Research demonstrates that the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, might decrease when newborns are nearby. However, a recent study discovered that as babies reach the age of 4 months, they sleep in their parents’ rooms less regularly and also for shorter periods.

Is it Possible to Decorate My Toddler Girl’s Room on a Budget?

What can be more fun than remodeling a room and making it a brand-new part of your home? The possibilities are endless for you to make a little boy or little girl’s room fashionable and welcome them and anyone visiting, even if you’re watching your budget.

Why Should I Invest in My Toddler Girl’s Room?

A girl’s bedroom initially acts as their own private, distinct universe isolated from the main house. They allow creativity and magic to flourish in this area. Once your girl starts to become independent, it’s indeed best to gradually transition her into her room.

  • For a girl to learn and develop to her greatest potential, she needs a dedicated space that is tidy and orderly.
  • A girl who has her own space from an early age will grow up to be more autonomous and responsible.
  • A girl requires privacy. While your little girl is a baby, this may not be a major problem. She would, however, become more demanding of privacy as she ages. She would want to create a personal haven in her room that reflects the evolving nature of her personality and interests.

How Can I Makeover My Toddler Girl’s Room?

Decorating a place where your child will play and grow up sure sounds exciting. It may, however, be a difficult one as well. Making a beautiful and practical area that your child will have now and will continue to have in the future is a rather tough task.

Maintain Simplicity.

In the bedroom of a toddler, less is typically more. By keeping the design, decor, and furniture simple, you’ll give your daughter additional room to play, all while providing a neutral canvas that your little girl can change according to her own tastes as she grows up. Open shelving can provide a fun way for toys to work as lovely accents, and on a floor level, a house-frame bed can serve as a play area.

Putting Activity First

You should focus on what your child enjoys so you can successfully design a space that they’ll adore! To add a little bit of added excitement, think about having your child showcase their best artworks in an easily-updated feature wall, an accent wall, or a gallery wall. A safe bouldering wall, a slide, or a small swing hung from the roof are some great solutions that allow playfulness and help in releasing extra energy before nighttime.

Show Off Your Existing Materials

Install cheap shelving and design it with objects you already own instead of spending a lot of money on costly paintings to cover a wide, empty wall. Choose your favorite accessories to show, then arrange them in a balanced way.

Refinishing Old Furniture

New paint can breathe new life into any old furniture. It may revitalize an area similarly to painting the entire room, but it’s less expensive. For a kid-friendly design, think about going with vibrant colors.

Get the Sewing Machine Out

Changing out fabrics, especially toss pillows, is the simplest way to add new designs and colors to a room. Employ your sewing talents to cover existing pillows with fresh fabric rather than spending a big cent on a new set. Sewing curtains, cushions, pillows, or linens are a great way to take things a step further if you’re feeling handy.

Use Paint to Your Advantage

Why not use three colors rather than repainting the entire space with one color? The bottom walls of a room could be painted with a deep color, and the top walls with a crisp, dazzling white. A light shade line can separate the two hues, without the need for too much ornamentation.

How to Use DIY Videos to Decorate My Daughter’s Room

DIY videos are an amazing source of ideas for just about anything. They provide great options on a budget. It’s so easy to become trapped in our schedules and patterns that we frequently fail to consider if doing something ourselves is worthwhile or whether buying it would be preferable. You should do DIYs when:

You’re trying to save money.

DIY projects are generally a fantastic way to reduce costs. Things can be made for a little portion of the amount it would cost to purchase them from a store.

You want to customize and modify anything.

You can create something totally new and one-of-a-kind by doing it yourself, which is one of the nicest things about it. To create a distinctive one-of-a-kind design, you can choose any colors, patterns, forms, styles, and materials.

You desire a product that no store is selling at the time.

You may want a product, but no businesses seem to have it. Whatever the problem, DIY allows you to make anything you want.

What Colors Are Most Appealing to Toddlers?

Childhood is heavily influenced by color. For kids, color reflects newly discovered personality qualities, the capacity for categorization, and the capacity for self-identification. 

Teams, games, outfit choices, and artistic themes are represented by colors. Bright, bold colors tend to be more appealing to kids than pastels or subdued mixtures. Light hues of pink or brown, and neutral tones in gray and beige, are less alluring as compared to primary and secondary colors i.e. red, yellow, and blue, green, orange, and purple. Because of this, the toy and food businesses both employ vibrant colors to sell their goods to kids.

Where Can I Get Affordable Kids’ Toys and Storage?

The most common and liked place for people to buy all kinds of goods on a budget is Amazon. Amazon has been named the most affordable of all major American internet retailers. 

According to a recent analysis by the online analytics tool Profitero, Amazon is typically 13% less costly than its rivals. Amazon was rated the most cost-effective retailer for appliances, gadgets, furniture, and sports goods, besting Best Buy, Wayfair, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Only Walmart’s website was superior to Amazon when it came to baby and home furnishings.

How Can I Make The Room More Cozy?

How Can I Make The Room More Cozy?

Add a few wood touches

A few touches of wood on any bedroom’s walls are the best way to have a cozy look regardless of how many you use. In spaces where panel or wallpaper does not work, creating a comfortable ambiance with wood furnishings or accents can also help.

Lighting may be used to create an ambiance

Light is important for a cozy bedroom; however, not every light does the job. Having a range of options, such as mild nightstand lamps and strategically positioned ceiling lights, is the key to creating a warm ambiance.

Choose Natural Materials and Calming Colors

Think calming and peaceful rather than vivid blasts of color when considering patterns and hues for a little girl’s bedroom.

Include mats

A soft mat adds color and offers much-needed warmth. Layering various floor coverings or small sheepskin or fuzzy rugs to the bed’s margins will increase comfort. 

Remove Technology

Place little, or maybe even no technology in the room. Add books and natural elements like flower arrangements or plants instead of a desktop or a cellphone charger. Ensure the baby can relax in this area.

Do Not Forget Minimalism Does Not Equate to Boring

Put a few sought-after pieces in the little girl’s room that will speak for themselves. Place a few cherished items that would testify for themselves. Stand-alone items, such as an appealing nightstand or intriguing fluorescent lights, may be added to any area to give it character and appeal while keeping a subtle ambiance.

There Should Be Pillows Wherever You Look

Nothing in the current world is cozier than a soft bed stuffed to the gills with pillows. We suggest cozier cushions that are equally adorable and comfy. While there is no need for you to explain the number of pillows on the bed, at least in this situation, they will serve a functional purpose.

Personalized Touch

To make the toddler girl’s bedroom more distinctive, showcase some of your treasured mementos and recollections. Display some vases from recent travels, or keep it straightforward with a picture of the family.

How Can I Organize Her Belongings?


To keep stuff, place them in baskets and tuck them under the cot. Use a crib skirt to conceal things under the crib when you don’t like the aesthetic of containers or want to put larger goods that you don’t need to access frequently.


Purchase drawer organizers. They’re fantastic to keep all those baby necessities neatly organized in drawers. Drawer organizers are affordable and multifunctional.


Adding a cheap shelf unit to the baby closet is one of the best ways to organize nurseries. This results in more room for books and toys in the closet, and organization is maintained. Additionally, it may be taken out and utilized somewhere else if necessary one day. 


Use baby clothing dividers as another method of organizing baby clothes. They can be purchased, or you can make them yourself.

Put in Your Best Effort

Remember that room decor will have an impact on your little girl. She will grow up in it and will have many memories there, so make sure to make an effort to ensure your little girl’s bedroom is the best it can be.

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