Umbrella Stroller Age Safety Guidelines For Babies

umbrella stroller age

It is no secret that babies need a bundle of stuff every time they leave the house. Carrying baby gear along with the baby becomes a hassle. How would you feel if we told you that an umbrella stroller can be your savior in this situation? We’re sure it’s a great feeling!

Umbrella strollers are lightweight baby strollers that are quite handy for carrying your baby and all of his stuff. It’s designed to support the baby and manage all his belongings without you having to carry heaps of baby products. And as the name shows, it folds like an umbrella when not in use. Magical!

But with every great baby product comes the question: is it baby safe? Umbrella strollers are certified for almost all baby age groups; however, there is no harm in being cautious. Here are a few guidelines for enjoying an umbrella stroller safely.

Umbrella Stroller By Age Guidelines

As a baby grows, he needs more and more strolling. Doctors recommend that babies should be taken out for a walk routinely. Not only is it beneficial for their cognitive development, but it is also relaxing for the parent. Here an umbrella stroller is a blessing by fulfilling all your strolling requirements. However, you should follow all the strolling guidelines according to your baby’s age.

You should try to keep yourself from using standard lightweight umbrella strollers before your baby is six months old. This is because most umbrella strollers are not made for babies that are younger than that. The ideal age range for using an umbrella stroller is between four and seven months.

However, various brands have taken it upon themselves to make safe and versatile umbrella strollers, even for newborns. As a result, many umbrella strollers have emerged that are perfect for all age groups.

Are Umbrella Strollers Safe For Newborns?

Umbrella strollers aren’t meant for newborns. This is because newborns are unable to handle their own weight, especially their necks. 

Are you feeling disappointed already? Well, don’t be. This aspect shouldn’t keep you from using this amazing baby product. A newborn can use a baby stroller, but you have to be extra careful in the following areas:

Seat Recline

Newborn babies are fragile and they need extra care. It seems a bit harsh to put them in strollers, away from your arms, but you have to do it sooner or later. 

Pick an umbrella stroller that is for kids below the age of two months. 

It must be a reclining stroller. Newborn babies cannot lift or move their little heads all by themselves. They need support. An umbrella stroller that fully reclines will help them be in a comfy position.

If the stroller is still not fit for the baby’s use, you can always buy an additional bassinet in which to put the baby. It’s an easy fix for a pestering issue!

Harness the Power of the Safety Harness

We cannot stress enough that everything is ultimately about the baby’s safety. If your umbrella stroller has a safety harness, it will keep your newborn physically tied to the stroller for all kinds of walks. Don’t make the mistake of forgoing safety features for a lower priced option; that’s not worth it at all. A nylon strap harness is ideal for newborn babies.

Avoid Bumpy Pathways

It is unrealistic to assume that you will find smooth sidewalks for strolling everywhere. However, you can carry the stroller folded with you to a nearby park. There you can stroll with your baby peacefully without getting into rough pathways.

Can You Put a 2-Month-Old in a Stroller?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t put your two-month-old in a stroller. If you take cautionary measures, your two-month-old is entitled to the enjoyment of a stroller ride. Make sure the stroller you choose to use has a five-point safety harness and a sturdy aluminum frame, and that your child is physically ready.

A two-month-old is capable of discerning changing atmospheres. If one day you decide to put him in an umbrella stroller or a car seat, he may throw a tantrum if he doesn’t like it. Hence considering the baby’s readiness before putting him in an umbrella stroller or an infant car seat.

Can I Put a 3-Month-Old in a Stroller?

A three-month-old is still young, but taking a walk in an umbrella stroller can make him feel relaxed and tired. This will escalate the chances of sleep. Moreover, after three months you will also need some fresh air and might want to take some nice evening or day walks outside or perhaps go on a camping trip.

It would help if you took an umbrella stroller with you on such trips, but first make sure your stroller has an extra-large storage basket, a five-point harness, and anti-shock front wheels. This is because you will often find unfinished roads and bumpy sidewalks while enjoying your trip to a new place. These features will help minimize the impact of a bumpy ride for your child. Also, the stroller’s seat recline should offer multiple adjustments as a three-month-old is constantly moving.

Safety Measures

Be sure to be watchful when putting young babies in an umbrella stroller. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your baby’s safety:

  1. Review Stroller Warranty

Be sure to call customer service as soon as something looks fishy with your stroller. You don’t have to wait until something breaks as it could be fatal if your baby is inside the stroller when a malfunction occurs. Get anything that looks odd fixed beforehand.

  1. Use Brakes

Use brakes to stop the umbrella stroller. It would be best if you never left it standing without using the brakes as it can roll, especially on slopes. 

  1. Practice Toy Safety

Good quality umbrella strollers often have hanging toys to engage babies. If not, you can surely hang toys from the stroller’s sun canopy. Fasten the toys properly, so there isn’t any chance of them falling on the baby’s head. Also, don’t overstuff the stroller seat with toys, as it can annoy the baby.

  1. Store Items Properly

When storing the baby gear, you can’t recklessly stuff the entire storage basket. It may make the stroller heavy and out of your control. Moreover, it is also unwise to hang anything from the stroller’s handle. It can disbalance the stroller and prove to be dangerous for your baby.

  1. Use Caution When Folding and Unfolding

The folding and unfolding mechanism should be handled with caution because your fingers or your baby’s could get caught in the hinges. Make sure the stroller is properly unfolded before you put the baby inside it.

  1. Protect Baby From Burns

Leaving the stroller in the sun is a bad idea. It can heat up the metallic and plastic pieces of the stroller and make it burn sensitive baby skin. Even if parked the stroller in the shade, check the temperature of it first and be sure that it is cool before using it.

  1. Check the Wheels

The wheels should also be high quality. At times, due to overuse, the stroller wheels are worn out and they may get out of place and loosen up. This can result in an unstable stroller ride which is unsafe. Pay attention to the wheels. Double check that there are no screws that need tightening, and that all wheels are swiveling perfectly.

Umbrella Stroller Safety Features

When you are going to purchase any stroller, make sure it has all of the following safety features:

  1. Anti-Shock Front Wheels

Anti-shock wheels act as a barrier against sudden bumps. At times you may be forced to stop your baby’s umbrella stroller suddenly. In such a situation, anti-shock wheels keep the stroller from getting topsy-turvy and keep your baby safe.

  1. Multiple Recline Positions

For toddlers, this isn’t essential. However, a complete recline position in a stroller is a must-have for newborn babies. Babies under six months cannot hold their heads up, and a fixed umbrella stroller can put them in a difficult position. The fully reclining option will help parents adjust the stroller according to the baby’s needs.

  1. Lightweight Frame

Umbrella strollers are popular partly because they are lightweight. Naturally, the best umbrella strollers will be the ones that have lightweight frames compared to others.

  1. Quality

The entire stroller should be composed of high-quality materials. You should pay special attention to the safety harness or restraint straps present in the stroller. The straps should neither be so hard that babies feel tied up, nor be so poorly tied that they can be unfastened easily or break at the slightest movements. 

For straps, nylon material is preferable. Make sure other parts are also made from high-quality plastic and anti-rust metals so that the entire stroller is durable for many years to come.

  1. Brake System

This is a priority feature. Strong brakes are useful in times of sudden crises. Parking brakes must be present, especially on the rear wheels. They come in handy if you live in a neighborhood with hilly terrain.

With these safety and comfort features, the umbrella strollers easily become unbeatable to other strollers.

What Age Do You Stop Using Umbrella Strollers?

umbrella stroller age

In the same way that you need a proper age for introducing an umbrella stroller to your newborn, you should also know when to stop. Technically, you should stop using an umbrella stroller when your kids turn three. This is because children after three grow quickly and can’t be kept in a stroller for long.

They become smarter as they learn to walk and run around, creating havoc everywhere. You are mistaken if you think you can bind your child in a harness when they can freely move around. Additionally, it is better for them to try to walk independently. This improves muscle activity and keeps your child healthy and active throughout his/her growing period.

You should also keep in mind that every child is different. You must determine when your child is ready to make a transition toward independent walking from his/her favorite umbrella stroller.

Is an Umbrella Stroller Worth It?

A lightweight baby stroller is worth the cost due to its numerous features.


The most distinguishing feature of an umbrella stroller is its portability. You can easily fold it and carry it around. It is necessary for long journeys and excursion trips because you can’t carry your baby around for a long time. It just kills the joy. You can use an umbrella stroller while also carrying luggage, and it will come to your rescue on long walks and adventurous hikes.


Its lightweight feature is what makes it stand out from traditional strollers. The best umbrella strollers are those which are as light as a feather to carry around and moving around with them is not a hassle. Its lightweight quality makes it an ideal compact stroller, one that is easily fitted in the smallest of spaces.

Usually, parents living in apartments prefer umbrella strollers as they cannot carry a full-sized stroller every time they take their baby out. For on-the-go parents, an umbrella stroller is a miracle creation. 

Sun Shade

Baby skin is exceptionally sensitive. It would be best to make sure your little guy is adequately shaded. You can’t carry an umbrella at all times or lather your baby’s skin with sunscreen, so the sun canopy in the stroller is extremely handy as it prevents your baby from possible sunburns. 

Storage Space

You already have to carry your baby along with all of the items that he may need while you are out. Carrying so much weight on your shoulders can be tiresome. Luckily, umbrella strollers can take some weight off your hands thanks to their storage bins.


An umbrella stroller can be easily stored. Just fold it and stick in a closet or unused space. You don’t have to leave it lying around your house. It takes up minimal space and can even be stored for your next baby.

Reclining Seat

A reclining seat offers comfort for all umbrella stroller age groups. Just make sure you find an umbrella stroller suitable for your baby’s age.

Key Takeaways

If you have fast-forwarded to the end, here’s what you need to know:

An umbrella stroller is a great investment for your baby from the newborn stage through toddlerhood. There is no harm in using traditional strollers, but none are as functional as an umbrella stroller. Traditional strollers don’t have suitable space, storage areas, or even reclining positions. These are only offered by a lightweight umbrella stroller which is perfect for infants.

Of course, you need to be cautious if your baby is not yet four months old. With adequate safety measures, your baby can enjoy this versatile baby product. Grab the mighty umbrella stroller for your baby and end the hassle of baby carrying forever.

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