White Stuff Floating in My Urine Could I Be Pregnant? ANSWER


Are you pregnant and noticing the color and smell of your urine changing, maybe going from light yellow to dark yellow? Ever wondered why?

Well, urinary tract infections are the main cause of white particles in urine or cloudy urine, and it is not an indication of pregnancy.

Seeing white particles in your urine could be alarming but might not be a big problem. It could be because of different health issues, such as pregnancy infections or kidney stones. These stones can make you have milky or cloudy urine. The causes of flakes or particles in urine should be treated as soon as diagnosed in order to avoid further infections or problems related to them.

Does Pregnancy Cause Particles in Urine?

Especially during pregnancy, you may notice white particles in urine and white vaginal discharge. Not that it is anything to worry about, but you should still consult with your doctor about it.

Now the question arises, why does it happen? Since pregnant women tend to be more prone to UTIs, this can be one of the reasons for white flakes, and they might cause a bit of pain when you urinate. 

Apart from that, you may notice vaginal discharge increases when pregnant, and it can look like white strings in your pee. 

According to some doctors, the increased vaginal discharge has its purpose. The discharge prevents infections or bacteria from getting into the womb and hurting your baby. But if you notice your discharge becoming darker or itching, you must speak with your gynecologist first thing. 

Dr. Melinda Ratini from WebMD reports that most women are affected by UTIs during pregnancy which might cause their urine to appear cloudy or milky white. 

What Does the Urine Contain During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, urine contains elements that are not present when you are not pregnant.

hCG Hormone 

The hCG hormone is secreted through urine, and pregnancy tests often are done to check for its presence. It is made by the placenta when you’re pregnant. It begins to be secreted just as the embryo attaches itself to the wall of the uterus.

During pregnancy, a lot of hormones are produced as well, and some are also secreted through urine. So when you see white particles in the urine while you’re pregnant, they’re probably just hormones.

How Can Urinary Problems Be Treated?

There are multiple problems related to the urinary system that need to be treated as soon as diagnosed because they can cause some serious health problems.

First, it’s important to consult your doctor about whatever problems you’re facing related to urination. While it can be awkward, don’t let anything stop you from taking good care of yourself.

The doctor might ask you to do either of the three things to let you know the exact cause of particles in the urine:

1. Urinalysis

In this process known as urinalysis, the doctors ask you to take a sample of your cloudy urine in order to check for any signs of infection in your urinary tract. Any indication of infection, spots of blood, or any abnormalities are diagnosed and treated. 

2. Bladder Diary

In this process, you have to record the number of glasses of water you’re drinking as well as the amount of urine you produce in contrast to that. 

This process can last one to two weeks to ensure proper results. Then the record is checked for anything that shouldn’t be there and could be an indication of an infection. 

3. Postvoid Residual Measurement:

In this process, you’re asked for a urine sample or to urinate into a bottle, cup, or any container provided by the doctor, and then that amount of urine is measured.

Then your doctor checks any leftover urine in your bladder and lets you know which one of the two could be the problem:

  1. If a lot of urine is left in your bladder, it means that something is stuck in your urinary tract and needs to be removed.
  2. There is a problem with your bladder nerves or muscles that might be the cause of the blockage in your pee. 

How to Prevent Urinary Problems?

Preventing urinary problems shouldn’t be rocket science. Urine problems can easily be avoided if you maintain your hygiene. 

Having cloudy pee or flakes in your urine is not at all comfortable. It will affect your day-to-day activities and might irritate you; hence, prevention is always better than cure. 

It’s better to realize the importance of having a healthy and safe vagina before anything messes it up. We have witnessed a number of women not taking their vaginal health seriously due to laziness.  

What do we mean when we say hygienic?

Urinary tract infections will change the color of your urine and make it hard for you to go on without getting treatment. Preventing infection in the first place is always better than treatment. Take note of these few things you can do to stay away from urinary infections.

Stay Well-hydrated

One of the reasons for these infections is lack of lubrication in the vagina. When your body does not have enough water, it causes lots of issues. Water helps in the hydration of the urinary tract tissues. When your body is fully hydrated, it can prevent many problems, including urinary infections.

Clean Yourself

Never underestimate the benefit of intimate cleaning. It is always advised to properly wash your vagina with lukewarm water and mild soap or intimate wash (always check the pH level before using them). Finish off by pat drying with a towel.

Other Common Causes for Women

Other Common Causes for Women

If you are not pregnant or ovulating, there is a higher chance that you will see other symptoms along with particles in urine.

As mentioned, not all the causes for white particles in urine are to be worried about. 

Vaginal Mucus 

Just like vaginal discharge during pregnancy, one of the most common causes of white particles in urine is the mucus produced in the vagina. Many women face it and it’s normal and very common, especially among young girls.

The mucus is produced for lubrication of the vagina and can make its way to the urinary tract, which causes it to sometimes appear in your urine. It has the benefits of preventing any germs or bacteria from getting inside the vagina and keeping you safe from any issues, as discussed above.

Kidney Stones

Another common cause of white stuff floating in urine is kidney stones. If you are seeing white stuff in your urine or it’s cloudy, it is probably because you have kidney stones that are being passed out through urine.

Kidney stones do not harden quickly. There is a big chance that the soft particles are kidney stones that have been passed out.

There are other symptoms of kidney stones, such as a burning sensation or any kind of pain while urinating or feeling the urgent need to urinate. 

This problem can be treated easily if you have soft kidney stones, but when you develop hardened stones, then you have to go through the process of lithotripsy.


Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are also common causes of vaginal discharge among people who do not take any protection or precautions.

These diseases can be transferred through anal, oral, or vaginal sexual contact. It can cause changes in urine, including white particles.

If you think that you have gotten an infection through sexual contact, you need to immediately go to the doctor and get treated. You need to take proper care afterward and avoid any sexual activities or use condoms.


Urine is supposed to be clear, not cloudy or milky. The color can change, but it needs to be clear.

Ovulation is the process where a mature egg is released from the follicles of the ovaries and waits for fertilization. A woman is most fertile during this process.

To know whether you’re ovulating, look for any cervical mucus that is being released from your vagina. That is the most common sign. Ovulation happens on the fourteenth day in most woman’s menstrual cycles, so if you see mucus kind of discharge that is sticky around this time, then you are probably ovulating.

Due to the production of this extra cervical mucus, you could experience cloudy urine or white particles in it. It is nothing to worry about since the vaginal discharge is just there to make the vagina lubricated. This is also a very common cause of women experiencing white stuff floating in their urine.

It is just one of the normal vaginal discharges and not related to urinary tract infections.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is just another bacterial infection. It is a condition of the vagina that is treatable. It increases the risks of getting sexually transmitted infections or diseases and changes the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina.

To avoid having to deal with this problem, you can prevent bacterial vaginosis by not having sex, not having multiple sexual partners, and using condoms for safety. This problem of developing bacteria in the vagina occurs only in people who are sexually active.

Bacterial vaginosis causes white or cloudy discharge in the urine. It can be detected through a number of methods. Associated symptoms include

  • white or grey discharge (if you see an abnormal discharge and you’re not ovulating and free of kidney stones, then you should get it checked);
  • a burning sensation or itching in the opening of the vagina; and
  • burning when urinating.

Yeast Infections

Vaginal yeast infections also cause cloudy urine. The thick, cotton-like discharge can be visible in the urine. Yeast infections also have other symptoms, like pain during sex, redness, and swollen sides of the vagina.

The fungus named candida Albicans is present in many people’s bodies. It is usually found in people who are healthy, but when it grows out of control, it affects the vagina’s health.

To treat the infection, your doctor may give you an antifungal cream or ointment. It is to be treated as soon as possible so that it doesn’t worsen and cause other problems as well.

All in All

It’s normal to see white particles in the urine most of the time, but there can be some serious causes of it that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The other causes could be kidney stones, sexually transmitted infections, or vaginal yeast infections. One of the less talked about causes of white particles in urine is proteins. They can also make your urine cloudy.

However, most of the time it is normal to see white discharge pass with urine because mucus is produced by the urethra and bladder that is passed through urine as well.

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