Why Do Babies Stare at Me? 7 Surprising Reasons!

why do babies stare at me

Before I became a mother, I used to wonder, “Why do babies stare at me?” But after I became one, I got to know the answer to that question.

When we first meet somebody, our brains are hard at work trying to figure out who they are and what their intentions are. That’s why babies stare.

Babies staring at people or objects is pretty normal. While it may feel eerie and uncanny, it’s not a problem when the infants are giving you a long gaze, which doesn’t necessarily happen only because you seem very attractive to them, although that can also be the reason.

Babies that stare at you do it to socialize and interact with people. Since they don’t know words, they either do baby talk or communicate by staring at you, so people find it weird, but it’s not. Babies as young as 6 months can tell through your actions if you are a good or bad person; if they click with you, you’re probably a good person, but if they don’t, then maybe you’re not entertaining.

You must have seen infants give a long gaze or stare at some point. This staring that may seem weird to you is actually very important for the child’s development. Newborn babies are learning about people, things, and surroundings at all times.

Newborns have 20/200 vision. This means that anything that is farther than 7-10 inches away is completely blurred to them, so they often stare at the people or objects that are close to them because that’s all that they can see.

Because of their far-sight, they are more likely to be tempted to look around more and observe every moment which is why they stop and stare.

Interesting Facts About the Babies’ Vision

1. They find it hard to shift their focus from one place or thing to another.

2. Infants are sensitive to light.

3. Their side vision is completely clear, unlike the front. Their peripheral vision works pretty well!

4. At six to eight weeks, the baby’s gaze recognizes facial expressions like smiling, especially when they know their parents or primary caregivers.

5. In the fifth month, their color vision starts developing and they begin to see objects farther than 12 inches away.

7 Surprising Reasons Babies Stare at You/Objects

Reasons Babies Stare at You/Objects

Infants learn most things through their eyes. They can’t talk or understand words easily in the first few years, but expressions help them with this. The most probable reason why young infants stare at you is that they are learning your expressions and if they live with you, they will start mimicking your expressions.


It’s no surprise that babies, as witnesses to sounds and movements for the first time, are tempted by them. That curiosity helps them in brain development so do not let that die.

They may be staring at the most random thing ever; just let them. Do not let the curiosity remain unfed as curious babies become curious toddlers and it also makes them more active.


As early as 3 to 4 months, young infants start to recognize their parents and other caregivers. Since they can’t talk yet, you can see their expressions and realize what they need; for example; when they are looking zoned out, parents can realize that it’s because they feel sleepy.

Learning About Facial Expressions

Babies learn facial expressions by looking at their parents and other people around them. Over time, babies learn to understand different expressions on people’s faces, and they will try to imitate those expressions. This is why it’s important for parents to smile at their babies and let them see when they’re happy or sad.

Babies may also be able to learn expressions from toys or cartoons. You can show them pictures of people with different expressions, or you can buy your baby a play mirror so they can see themselves and learn how to make the right facial expressions.

Bright Colors

Babies’ vision is not fully developed at birth, but they are definitely not color blind.

Babies can distinguish colors, but their picture of the world is not yet clear. This is why your baby would prefer contrasting colors, such as black and white, or colors that are opposite of each other.

There’s a reason why crib hanging toys are designed to be colorful, as this helps in developing the baby’s visual growth. Likewise, they will stare at colorful hair more than natural hair.

It’s not just a brilliant coincidence that baby toys are colorful; it’s the result of years of study to help your baby develop their visual skills. If your baby stares at colorful objects around him for a long time, let the baby’s gaze be.

In the first months, your baby will show great interest in primary colors like red, yellow, and blue, and therefore prefer everything from pictures to toys in these colors only.

Another surprising fact is babies feel more attracted to red because it reminds them of the color when they were in the womb. This is also why warm light has a big effect on a child who is restless at night.

Drawn to Movement

It happens very often that babies stare at people and objects when they are out of the house. When they are in a stroller in a mall, for example, you can see that a baby will stare at everything in front of them because they are fascinated by the movements happening.

You look at babies staring at ceiling fans and wonder, “What do they find so fascinating?”

Babies usually start to notice movements happening near them around 3 to 6 months of age. You’ll often find them staring at you when you’re moving places quickly or just doing anything in a hurry.

They are attracted more to the movements done quicker than the ones done slowly. Even we adults find it irresistible to look at something or someone moving.

Your baby may sometimes avoid looking at moving objects and not want to give attention to them. Although it may seem like they don’t like what you’re showing them, the reason can be more intense than that. Don’t force your baby if they’re not looking. It is always better to give them time to feel ready for it.

Outstanding Features

Pretty people are more attractive to babies because of their perfect features.

Now the definition of the word “pretty” varies from baby to baby. For example, pretty people, according to one baby, can be those who have eyes that are of a different color than usual.

Babies tend to stare longer at the people who are attractive and you are probably proof of that!

While babies’ stares can seem distracting to you because they won’t take their beautiful eyes off of you, remember that facial looks contain a lot of information that those babies grasp.

It helps them in development while all you can see them doing is admiring you. However, it’s a good sign when babies stare at things because they are constantly picking up information that is essential for their growth.

They’re Trying to Find Their Place in the World

Almost from the moment they’re born, babies stare at people. It’s a natural reflex that allows them to explore their surroundings and figure out how things work. But why do babies spend so much time looking at strangers?

They’re trying to find their place in the world.

Babies start exploring their world right after they’re born, and staring at people is one way they learn about us. We’re the first thing they see, which means we play an important role in their development.

They want to know what we look like. Our faces, hair, eyes, and clothes all play a part in how babies see us.

Babies Stare At Attractive People?

Babies, according to researchers, are born with a perfect visual of a human being in their minds; they know what humans look like.

If you have a baby staring at you, congratulations!

It is an indication that you are attractive and you have the honor of capturing the baby’s stare.

Apart from you being attractive, the spiritual meaning of why the baby is staring could be the spiritual bond you have with the baby.

Does Past Life Have Anything to Do With Baby Staring?

Another reason for a baby’s stare is their connection with you in a past life. While few believe in past lives, it is a reason.

If a baby is staring at you without you even trying to encourage eye contact, it can mean that you were friends in the past life and the baby just clicks with you.

The past life connection could have deeper meaning beyond friends. It could also mean that they were your spouse or a family member that was dear to you. Soulmates are real and this is proof of it. With some people, babies just click and with some, they just don’t.

Take Away

Babies’ stares can seem weird to you, but they have the purpose of aiding babies’ growth. If you are someone that a baby stares at, you must be a really attractive person who gives attention to babies, and makes them happy or you could have an uncommon feature that the baby is seeing for the first time.

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