Make Easter More Exciting: Easter Basket Ideas For Boys

easter basket ideas for boys

Ah, spring’s finally here! The ever-so-blooming flowers and colorful gardens bring along the excitement of a holiday! Yes, you guessed it, Easter! Who doesn’t like Easter, right? Watching kids devour the delicious easter treats and hunt easter baskets are a treat, but finding the best easter basket ideas for boys is sure a treasure hunt within itself! In no time, Easter morning will be knocking at your door!

Designing the perfect easter theme, setting up the decorations, and planning an easter themed hunt for the boys might leave you exhausted. Just when you think it’s done, it hits you, What about those gift baskets?! It’s not easy to think straight when the panic kicks in, so to make things easier for you, we’ve gathered some creative easter basket ideas for boys!

In a nutshell, be it those chocolate eggs or jellybeans, those classic sweet fillers are a must. Along with such candy fillers, you can also get inexpensive plush toys or stuffed animals for toddlers and puzzle books for older kids. Additionally, easter gifts can vary according to age and interests, so keep an eye out for the things your boys love! For young ones, it might be easy but older kids are not that easy to cater to. For a 2-4-year-old boy, you might get them craft supplies, while for older children puzzle books might be a better option.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into some great easter basket ideas for boys as well as the top easter basket ideas that could be Insta-worthy!

What To Get Your Little Boy For Easter?

Receiving gifts on Easter makes the whole event much more fun for little kids. Children get excited to see the gifts their beloved Easter bunny has left for them in their baskets. You can get a lot of fun gifts for your little boy on Easter, these can be traditional gifts like baskets full of candy and chocolate or they may be modern gifts that help accelerate the growth.

In today’s time, parents want to give their children gifts that help in the mental and physical growth of their baby. These gifts may be different books that get their brains thinking, craft and art supplies, stuffed animals, small toys, and even outdoor toys that will make them active.

You as a parent must know what your child’s interests are. With younger kids, gifts like candy, stuffed animals, bath toys, etc. are great ideas. But for older kids, getting gifts that are more related to their interests is important. This not only makes the kid happy but also shows how much meaningful that gift is.

For older kids, you can also give gifts that may help them in their day-to-day life, for example, buy the new bag or water bottle your kids loved, or those flip-flops that they wanted for a while. But do not forget to fill your older child’s easter basket with fun things like a new video game, a magic kit, a card game, water toys, etc.

Best Easter Basket Ideas For Boys

With easter time approaching you must need fun Easter basket ideas for boys. There are a lot of easter basket ideas that are not only fun for tween boys but are also great for their mental and physical growth. Along with those, many Easter gift ideas keep the traditional fun of easter alive.

Following is a list of fun Easter basket ideas for boys that may help you make the best Easter basket for your tween boys

Useful Supplies:

Traditionally Easter baskets are full of candies, but eating too much candy can be bad for younger kids, to avoid this you can buy stuff that seems to be more useful in your kids day to day life.

You can include stuff like health and hygiene products, rain gear, school stuff, clothing, and traveling supplies as filler items.

Curiosity And Learning:

Giving gifts that encourage curiosity and learning in tween boys is a great idea. You can give Easter baskets full of gifts like puzzles, magic kits, lego sets, painting supplies, and colored pencils. These gifts will allow your kids to develop new hobbies.

Outdoor Toys:

Outdoor toys for boys from their favorite easter bunny just might be the best Easter basket idea. The kids can also enjoy the warm weather while playing with those easter holiday gifts. You can add gifts like water toys, soccer balls and goals, basketball, and frisbees to your kids’ Easter baskets.

One single big gift is enough, you can add Easter basket fillers that make the basket look more fun, These are of low cost and can help you save money. Following are some fun Easter basket filler ideas for boys:

  1. Stickers of their favorite superhero.
  2. A joke book full of funny dad jokes.
  3. A bag of bunny farts.
  4. Encouraging love notes.
  5. A camera.
  6. Candy.

Keep in mind that the Easter basket should be full of fun things that will keep you tween boys interested in this great holiday and will make them look forward to it every year.

Themed Homemade Easter Basket For Boys

It is a great Easter basket idea to stick to a theme, but buying themed easter baskets may turn out to be very expensive. You can make homemade Easter baskets. These should have a theme that revolves around what your kid’s preferences are.

The Easter basket can be themed around your child’s favorite movie, superhero, game character, etc. Following are some fun-themed homemade easter basket ideas for boys:

  1. You can base your basket theme around your boy’s favorite game. Most boys love Minecraft, try making fun doddles of Minecraft characters and place them all around the basket. You can fill your basket with the Lego building block of Minecraft characters.
  2. You can base the theme around your boy’s favorite movie, for example, if your boy likes the toy story movie, try adding those toys to your basket.
  3. You can also put together a sports-themed Easter basket. This will also help encourage them in that sport.
  4. Try to make an Easter basket based on your kid’s favorite superhero, buying them a costume of their favorite superhero just might be what makes this Easter the most memorable for them.
  5. You can also base the theme around pirates and can place a treasure full of gold chocolate coins in it.

Easter Fun Games For Boys

Fun Games For Boys

Playing games on easter is one of the best parts of the holiday. It can be a great bonding and memory-making moment for the boys with their parents and their siblings. These games are not only fun but are a great way of making children more active.

An easter scavenger hunt is a traditional game that is played on Easter Day. Where you can hide easter eggs all around the house and then tell your kids to look for the eggs left behind by the easter bunny for them.

But this game may become boring after a few years. To switch things up and make easter an interesting and fun day you can try playing the games mentioned below.

Math On Easter:

Though this may sound dreadful it is a very fun game where you can print out free printable sheets having eggs with numbers on them. Cut each egg out and then divide them into two halves. Give one half to the kids and place the others in plastic easter eggs and hide them around the house. Once your kids find them, ask them to match the two correct numbers together.


You can use the yummy treat peeps marshmallows to play a fun game on Easter. Where both kids line up their peeps on a table and then take turns to knock the opponent’s peeps out by using plastic easter eggs.

Freeze Up:

This is a fun little game where you need to stop dancing when the song stops playing. To make it Easter themed you can play easter songs like “bunny hop,” “hot cross buns,” etc.

Bunny Bowling:

Take some old bowling pins and draw cute bunny faces on them. Now knock them down using plastic easter eggs. This will surely make the classic game seem much more Easter themed.

Easter-themed Charades:

Use Easter-themed phrases like an easter bunny, hopping, looking for eggs, seeing baby chick hatch, etc. to play charades on easter. This fun game will surely get the parents involved too.

Easter Puzzles:

You can easily find Easter-themed puzzles online for younger kids, ask your kids to try to put them together. To make the process more fun, turn it into a competition to see who is able to do it quicker.

You can play any of these games to make Easter much more fun for your boys. Family game time on easter is a great way of bonding and making ever-lasting memories.

Non-Candy Items For Boys

Boys love to eat candy, but eating too much candy can be very bad for your kid’s teeth. To avoid any health problems, you should try to reduce the amount of candy in your boys’ basket. Instead of candy, you can use different gifts depending on age.

For younger children, you can replace candies with tiny toys, stickers, race cars, etc. as easter basket fillers, but for older boys, you can replace them with things that boys use in their day-to-day life like water bottles, arts and crafts supplies, books, etc.

Learning Gifts For Boys:

You can add learning gifts to your kid’s easter baskets. These learning gifts are not only fun but also help in the mental development of your child, as they make your kid use their brain and think out of the box.

These learning gifts include stuff like electronic learning toys, scientific fundamental kits, books on history and science, tabletop games, building blocks, etc.

Easter Basket Books For Boys

You can surprise your kid by giving them a book about stuff they seem interested in. Make sure to read that book yourself, as it will be a great conversation starter with your child and will make you understand their point of view. Gifting a book is a great way of developing a good relationship with your child. So, try to place a fun book along with all the other stuff in your child’s Easter basket.

You can also gift your kid fun fictional books like the lucky ones, goblin secrets, Harry Potter, etc. to get their creative minds thinking.

Outdoor Playing Items For Easter

Outdoor playing items for easter are very necessary, as kids nowadays spend most of their time indoors. This Easter you may encourage your child to go outside and okay by gifting them great outdoor playing items like baseball, soccer, baseball, golf, etc.


With spring comes the excitement of the Easter holiday. Around this time parents wonder what to fill their child’s Easter baskets with. There are a lot of gifts you can give to your boy during easter. For younger kids, you can fill up their baskets with fun little toys and stuffed animals, while for older kids your can gift them outdoor toys along with learning gifts like books. You can make your child’s basket themed to make it more special for them.

Furthermore, on Easter, you can celebrate the holiday by playing fun little games like, charades, tabletop games, and egg hunts to make the event much more fun for the whole family.

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