Ideas For Fathers Day Crafts for Toddlers to Make For Dad

fathers day crafts for toddlers

Ahh, finally, it’s that time of the year! Just as we leave spring behind and face the heat of the summer up ahead, the excitement of vacations around this time is bound to lift the mood! But June brings along one more thing that’s surely something to look forward to: Father’s Day!

As the big day knocks upon your door, you might be wondering how to make this year’s Father’s Day fun, memorable, and exciting!

The dilemma is real and heavy; you want to grab a meaningful gift that your kids can give their dad to make their day. We’ve got you covered!

Simply put, putting together a DIY Father’s Day craft with your toddler is sure to melt their dad’s heart without breaking the bank! Thumbprint art is an easy way to make a cute, personalized, and emotional gift that your wee one can gift their father to put a smile on his face.

If you’re late and forgot the date, making them a card would be the perfect gift for Father’s Day and would require nothing more than a few supplies to allow the kids to customize to their liking.

The anxiety to get the perfect Father’s Day gift might leave you overwhelmed, so to help you deal with this and help your little one put together the best gift for their best dad, we’ve listed all that you need to know about Father’s Day along with crafts that you can make with your young kids!

When Is Father’s Day Celebrated?

Father’s Day is typically celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Save the date so that you do not forget this important day! Plan the most perfect Father’s Day gift to make this year’s Father’s Day the most unforgettable. Try to get your kids involved in this activity so that they put in the effort to make this gift the perfect Father’s Day gift for their father!

What Are The Best Father’s Day Crafts? 

As the days go by, you may find yourself panicking and trying to brainstorm ideas. As June approaches, you’re still not sure about what to get your child’s father to surprise him.

To make things easier for you, here are some things toddlers can gift their father on this day. Whether you have toddlers or older kids, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of creative gift ideas for kids to gift their fathers.

Your kid’s allowance might not allow expensive gifts, so we’ve got some homemade gift ideas that can help you help them win their father’s heart!

Father’s Day Craft Ideas

What’s better than something that is crafted by the hands of your wee one? Eagerly crafted handmade art might bring tears of joy to their father’s eyes on this special day.

Father’s Day Homemade Gift Ideas

It’s sure not easy to decide what to gift when it comes to Father’s Day. Homemade gift ideas never go out of style, so roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with your little one!

Paint and draw their father’s favorite Marvel movie characters or bake the cutest Father’s Day themed birthday cake with the help of your child.

Gift Bag for Father’s Day

Get your hands on some plain and simple gift bags and customize them as you please. Get cute stickers and colorful sheets and cut them into cute shapes to stick on the gift bag.

Bake a Cake

If their father has a sweet tooth, then a cake would surely make their day! Suit up your child in the cutest apron and get to it! Make their favorite flavor and let your child decorate the cake any way they want for their father!

What Are Some Simple Father’s Day Gifts For Kids?

Looking for simple Father’s Day crafts for kids that would help your children put together the perfect gift for their fathers? Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are some cute yet simple gift ideas for kids to gift their fathers.

Handprint Art

Little handprints can melt a rock-solid heart! This easy yet unforgettable piece of art would surely make Dad emotional. He might keep it close to his heart and frame it to put it on his wall or side table.

Best Dad Necktie

This might be a bit different but hey, trying something new wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? You wouldn’t need much but some fabric, paint, and stickers to make Dad a perfect Father’s Day neck tie. They can write “World’s Best Dad” or “Super Dad” on the tie to make things more interesting!

What Can A Toddler Make For Father’s Day?

Toddlers are very creative individuals and their minds work in unique ways. Making art fuels their creativity, so use this to your advantage and help them make something to gift their father on Father’s Day! Here are some Father’s Day crafts for toddlers that you may consider.

String Art Craft Ideas

Who wouldn’t like a unique masterpiece as a gift? A string art frame would surely surprise anyone! Let your wee one decide the shape, be it a heart or a star, and place nails on a wooden frame as a guide. This stylish frame would be something their father could hang on a wall in their room as a sweet memory.

Coolest Dad Trophy

If “cool” is the first word that your toddler comes up with when asked about their dad, then try to help them as they make the perfect trophy to officially hand over this title to their dad! Help your baby show appreciation of their daddy’s effort and work in the form of this trophy!

Use a free template to cut out a trophy and let your toddler’s creativity run wild while they decorate it.

Father’s Day DIY Picture Frame

Be it an old plain photo frame or craft sticks that you have at hand, let your wee one decide the theme of the photo frame and place a picture of the family inside. Young kids can use paints to add a splash of color.

What Are Some Homemade Father’s Day Gifts?

What Are Some Homemade Father’s Day Gifts?

It’s never easy to decide on a gift, let alone plan to make one! Even if you know what to make, trying out an easy craft is your first instinct. Well, here are some homemade gift ideas that you can consider while planning what your kids can gift their father.

DIY Paperweight for Father’s Day

Get some big rocks and let your kids create masterpieces for their father to use as paperweights! Just clean up the rocks and let them paint whatever they want while enjoying the process. You can also let them use clay to make a cute paperweight for their father to use.

Handmade Fridge Magnets

Let them draw whatever their heart desires and use hot glue to secure it to a magnet that can be placed on the fridge. It could be a Father’s Day themed drawing or a family portrait.

Beaded Keychain

If your wee one is old enough to know what to eat and what not to eat and has developed good motor skills, give them beads and thread to get into this beady activity! You can get colorful beads or ones with letters on them and secure the final product to be used as a keychain!

How To Make Father’s Day Mug?

Homemade Father’s Day crafts are priceless and always hit the mark, but finding ways to make things more exciting might not be that easy. Well, here’s an easy craft: a hand-painted mug! Just get a plain mug your wee one can paint on and let them draw and paint whatever they want!

If you do not have paint, then some Sharpies would also do the trick! Just use an interesting font to pen down “The Best Dad” or “World’s Best Dad” and add a few decorations such as hearts and stars to make it more attractive!

What Father’s Day Craft Can A 4 Year Old Make?

With a messy little monster, it’s sure not easy to do things smoothly and things are bound to get sidetracked! It isn’t easy to decide on a special gift for your toddler’s father, but here are more ideas that you can try!

Origami Father’s Day Card

If your wee one is old enough and has developed fine motor skills, help them make an origami-inspired card for their father. Be it a shirt or their favorite bird, the origami technique will surely show that your child has put forth effort their father.

All About My Dad Scrapbook

Let your children list all they see in their father and put together the cutest and funniest responses from them! This would surely crack their father up!

The comical and memorable perception of your little one’s mind will be documented and you will be able to laugh about it for years after they’ve grown up!

Clay Craft Ideas for Kids

Clay crafts are surely the new deal, be it an accessory bowl or a small paperweight. Young kids can use their imagination when manipulating clay. Let them enjoy and be creative to make bowls in any shape they please.

Memory Jar

Capturing all the small memories that your baby has had in this small jar might be difficult, but it sure is priceless and a great gift for their father. Be it the first time they rode a bike or their first adventure, eternalizing it in such a manner would surely overwhelm a father’s heart!

How To Make A Father’s Day Card?

This easy craft is sure to cut you some slack if you were late to the party! This traditional gift can be amped up with some effort by you and your wee one.

Add some handprints or a “best dad” tag and customize it any way you choose. You can get inspiration from the shows your child’s dad likes to watch to create something cute and attractive.

Heartfelt and handmade cards always effortlessly make their way to the heart.

You can help your wee one design a Father’s Day portrait with some colorful cardboard or paper and leave a personalized message inside. You can also use toilet rolls to make 3D Father’s Day cards!

How To Make A Thumbprint Craft For Father’s Day? 

Who doesn’t love cute little handprints? Be it wallpaper, a Father’s Day-themed card, or a frame, handprint art is the easiest way to touch their dad’s heart. Inspired by the book The Kissing Hand, this keepsake art is a unique way to make their Father’s Day!

You can use paints to imprint your child’s hand on any fabric or material you want, whether it’s a shirt, frame, or even a basketball! These memorable craft ideas for kids would surely “leave a mark” (pun intended) on their father’s mind and would put a smile on his face!

Final Thoughts

While there’s no perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day, there’s no perfect gift other than one that shows effort and love. All great gifts come from the heart, so make sure whatever your wee one’s gift is customized and personal.

You can get your wee one some craft paint and brushes so that they can put together a cute heartwarming gift for their father on Father’s Day! Be it a handprint art frame with their hands on it or a customized mug, anything that comes from the heart, goes to the heart.

You can help your baby make their father a cute little card with a personalized message or,

if your baby is old enough to handle paint, beads, and magnets, you can let them paint canvases, make keychains, and create fridge magnets.

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